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My Monterey

How to empty the waste holding tank on sea..

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Dear all,


I'm new to sailing and new to Monterey.. I just bought a Monterey 250 CR. The boat is from 2007 and has waste holding tank and a macerator..


Before I turn on the macerator - is there something I need to do in order to empty my waste holding tank in the sea (is legally allowed where I'm sailing).






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Look at the 3 way valve in your posted picture. Line up that valve so it pulls out of the tank to your pump. The waste will enter your pump, get chopped up and pushed overboard when you turn the pump on.


If you are not the required distance from shore that you are allowed to discharge waste, lock the 3 way valve in the lineup where the waste runs from the toilet discharge line, through the 3 way valve and into your waste tank. If you do not have a lock on the valve and the Coast Guard or any other law enforcement officer inspects your boat and sees the valve is not locked you WILL receive a hefty fine.


That pump will suck the waste from the tank. Go to the pump's manufactures web site or read the paperwork that came with the pump/boat (if you have it) and it should tell you if that pump can run if it is dry (no waste going through it) and for how long. You don't want to burn it up.

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