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Carpet or Slides on Trailer for my 04 298 SC

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Has anybody had experience in using trailer bunk slides as opposed to bunk carpet?


I have a trailer for my 04 298 SC that is stored outdoors in the hot desert sun without my boat on it and only use it a couple of times per year. The boat stays on hoist at covered slip. About every two to three years I have to replace the bunk carpet. I'm at that point in time where I need to replace the bunk wood and carpet but I am looking into the trailer slides.


Any thoughts and/or experience using these? What about using some type of composite material as opposed to wood for bunks?



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I've seen composite material being used on Ship Shape TV that they were using for pier decking. It looked just like wood, came in different colors and you could get the planks in different sizes.


Covering these with carpet made for bunks would work for you and would not rot.

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