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My Monterey
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Looking for a hatch cover for my 322

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I have a 233 EXP and I'm looking to replace the hatch cover for the anchor port. It looks like it is attached with screws and is easily replaced but I cant find the part. Is there a source (website) to get after market parts? Any help is appreciated.





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Confusing post, title says 322, text body says 233.


By the picture, it is obviously a 233 EX.


It really depends on how old the boat is. That hatch was likely made in the factory, and not

outsourced from a supplier. If so, then depending on the year, you may not be able to order

one from a local dealer, who will order it from the Monterey factory. That is the only way you will

get an exact replacement. Highly unlikely you will find an aftermarket manufacturer that makes

one exactly like your's.


Most probable option, is have one fabricated at a local fiberglass shop, use your current one as a

template/mold for the new one.


If it is not broken, you could just add some new non-skid coating to it and call it good, which will be

hundreds of dollars less than a new one, or fabricated one.

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