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My Monterey

MOST H E L P !!! Side mounted controls 2000 242 CR

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My throttle control will not come out of neutral. I pressed the button in and moved the control handle forward, it was a little tight, I thought it was due to lack of use.


I started the engine and when I pulled the control lever back and then put it in reverse, the transmission was still in neutral. I took the control handle off and I could see a little ??? in the tube that the control handle is attached by a nut and it also matches up with gear teeth that are on the tube?? I don't know the correct part names.


Anyway there is no way that I can remove the controls via the hole that is there under the handle. The control is attached to the side combing via four long bolts. If I remove these the unit will fall into and behind the combing.


Does anyone know how to remove the combing panel? I'm sure I will have to remove this so I can get the control assembly free and maybe I can open the back of the controls and free up what ever is stuck and won't spring back and allow me to put the transmission in forward or reverse.


This whole assembly is 15 years old and out of production. I have no idea where I will be able to buy this to replace what I have if I can't open the back up and free up or repair what ever it messed up.


If I can not find a exact replacement, what do I replace this unit with? It has electric tilt and trim on the end of the control stick and I use that a lot and it really helps out getting on plane and trimming the boat for max efficiency.

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Mercruiser ???? Volvo Penta ??????

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