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I'm looking at a few used Monterey 322's, I have not seen one in person , but on the internet they appear to be a very nice boat, of the few smaller Monterey's I've seen in person all very sharp looking .

I've owned smaller Sea Rays 20 & 22 ft, Chaparrals 24 & 26.5 sport cruiser, Of the two brands I prefer the Chaparral over Sea Ray.

Chaparral seems to be a sturdier boat & would absolutely purchase another.

But I want the opinion of you Monterey owners.

If somebody has the time? I'd appreciate hearing what a Monterey owner (s)  have to say about their brand -- good & bad.





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Hi there

I drive sports boat since 9 years old starting with a riamar 5.35 m with 115 hp, from 1986, i see lots off boats in Portugal, like, sunsseeker, astondoa, cranchi, searay, baylinner, cobalts, chaparrals, crowlines, princess, bavaria, etc..... and off course Monterey boats.


Well, montereyboats, are good boats, in Europe we compare MontereyBoats to sunssekers, the diference is the feets and the speed, i can garantee to you that Monterey boats have better top speed, and better performance on water, on turns, recovers, security etc....


My boat is a 278sc, with a 350 MAG, i can make it go to up 40 mph easy, in open sea on waves to 1, 1,5 meters, have no problems, the boat dosen´t jumpthat much, and can make a turn almost 90 degrees, it is scary but is very close to that, people behind can touch water on that kind off turn.

I can say to you that frinds with cobalt with same engine is keeped behind.


Monterey also use good materials, almost everything is top of the line, at least the way we have on European manufacturers.


My neigbor on the marina have a cobalt 262 like mine all year on salt water, mine have 7 to 8 years old, his have 5 to 6, his gelcoat is black and is all burned out with the sun, mine seems like comming from factory, his Stainless steel is with rust every where mine is not.

So off course have bad things to, but all i can think or remember is things mechanics or eletrical and have nothing to do with Monterey manufacturer, the only problem i had was water on cabin, and it turns out to be the rail rubber needed to take out, and i see some holes in the joint off the boats. the upper with the lower.

Also the seats should have more quality, they burn on sun very fast, they turn some yellow in 3 or 4 years, even with clean experts products.

But they are very good boats, the access to engine is very nice everyone can work there with no problem, etc... etc...


Hope people can say more but for me is good manufacturer





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I am riding a tight line between Chap H2O 21 and Mont M-22 and looking thru these threads to see if there are any topics that could be influential, good or bad. I guess everyone just loves the heck out of their Monty.

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My wife and I are in the process of ordering a new 335 Sport Yacht.  OUr top 3 choices were Sea-Ray 330 Sundancer, Chaparral 330 Signature, and the Monterey 335 Sport Yacht.  We wanted a cruiser that would be relatively trailer-able, so anything larger was out of the question.  The first difference to have us consider looking at Monterey was the fact that it is the only one to offer cockpit air conditioning.  That led to a factory tour and going through a 335 on the lot of a dealer.  They seem to be very high end boats with great attention to quality and detail.  I would put them right up towards the top above Regal, Sea-Ray, and Chaparral and just slightly below Formula and Cobalt.

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We just got our 18 278SC and absolutely love it.  Handles like a dream and the trim tabs make it feel like it's riding on shocks.  Got the Volvo 350 for two reasons: a) 5yr warranty and b ) the easy drain system... which is totally awesome.

I too, have owned many, many different boat brands and Monty quality is unmatched, with only very, very minor issues on delivery (minor rub rail failure around the aft curve).  There's no perfect build.

Gel coat quality is superior; company treats you like family (even received a surprise Christmas box full of goodies); and the factory tour is proof of their commitment to their customers.

Will not be a bad choice to choose Monterey.

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