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My Monterey
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MOST - Need Wiper Motor - 242CR 2001 Cruiser

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To MOST, or anyone who may have the answer... :rolleyes:

The windshield wiper motor is dead. What is the part # and where can I buy one?

I have seen other AFI motors for sale, there is a differance in the post length and the Arc degree.



2001 Monterey 242CR Cruiser

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Hello Brian,

Your wiper motor is a Marinco product (707-226-9600 and ask for Kelly) or online at: http://www.marinco.com.

The part # is WIPER-MOT-37181-12 and the description is: AFI-1000 WIPER MOTOR 80 DEG. SWEEP 2-1/2.

That should do it for you.

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