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My Monterey

Help with 2000 276

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Just bought the 276 needing a bunch if minor thing replaced and or repaired. 

1.Blower switch at helm works  but blower switch at electrical panel in cabin the bat handle was broken off so i replaced it and when i tried to turn on blower from there it does not work. Any help is appreciated. 

2. where can i buy the white plastic thru hulls used to vent i believe fuel tank and waste tank on starboard side and one on port side to vent fresh water tank, cant seem to find that size anywhere. 

3. the bow hook is loose the nuts backed off how do you access it from inside to tighten. 

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Attwood makes both thermoplastic and stainless steel thru hull fittings. Go to their site and they list the sizes and material used.

Do a search at West Marine or any of the other marine supply stores and you'll find the type that you need. Do a search for prices because they are different for the same part.  Perco also lists several plastic/metal fittings too.

Good luck and leave an update to what you decided to do.

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