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My Monterey

MOST - Need Fuel Vent Covers

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To the MOST, or any other knowing Monterey Owner:

I have a 2001 242 Cruiser.

There are 4 plastic Air Vent Fittings thru the side, for Fuel, Water etc. The 4 plastic screw on covers have disintegrated.

How can I get replacements covers without having to replace the entire vent as suggested by West Marine?

Other than that and Gas Prices, Boating has been GREAT! :P


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Hello Brian,


Those vents are distributed by Attwood Marine Products and they are a two part piece...you will probably have to buy the whole thing but the caps can be easily taken off, you have to remove a small clip that holds them on and then they screw apart. Be certain to save the small clip as you need to pop it back on the bottom of the cap after you screw it in place on the boat. Do not use excessive force when replacing them- finger tight is good.


Attwood contact info: www.attwoodmarine.com or 616-897-9241 in Michigan and the part number is #1671 FUEL VENT WH.


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