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My Monterey
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A/C Issue

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I have a 1998 322 monterey cruiser. I have a marine air vector A/C.


The issue I am having is the unit will come on and begin to cool down. After cooling for a couple of minutes the unit switche back to fan and stops cooling. This is the cycle it goes thorugh. It never cools long enough to cool cabin down. Also the unit has a digital control panel.


I have checked the following:

1 Freon level

2. Seacock strainers

3. Water discharge

4. Return air filter

all of which are fine


Does anyone have any ideas of what my problem can be?

Thanks for any help you may offer.




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Try giving Marine Air a call at 954-973-2477 (in Florida) and ask for tech help. They are pretty good at Customer Service and excellent at trouble shooting.


Also, the manual can be downloaded from the Product Support Section on this site.

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I have a 262 CR with a similar issue. The unit will cool the cabin for serveral hours and then it will shutdown with a "HPS" fault. We too have checked everything. I think we might have a bad "High Pressure Cut-out" switch. I plan on replacing it in 2010 and will let you know it that works.

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