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Monterey Boats Earn High Marks In Customer Satisfaction

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Monterey Boats Earn High Marks In Customer Satisfaction (8/21/2002)


GAINESVILLE, Fla. (August 21, 2002) – Monterey Boats customers rate the value and performance of the Monterey Boat product exceptionally high, according to a customer survey of recent boat buyers.


In the survey of nearly 350 Monterey Boat buyers, nearly all of the company’s products received “outstanding” ratings, and nearly all models met or exceeded the buyers’ expectations.


The survey evaluated the overall styling, comfort, design, performance, quality and value of several Monterey Boat products. Owners also were asked to assess such items as comfort and appearance of cushions, amount and accessibility of storage, visibility and convenience of throttle and other controls, and the overall structural integrity of the boat.


The 200LS, one of Monterey’s Sportboats, achieved ‘outstanding’ results in almost all categories. Customers gave the 200LS especially high scores in overall design.


Two of the manufacturer’s larger Cruisers – the 282CR and 298CR – received some of the highest ratings overall. The 282CR received the highest overall boat rating and earned best overall value. The 298CR rated high in all areas of performance, including acceleration, top end and overall performance.


Customers also gave high ratings to Monterey dealers. Overall, the 88 dealers included in the survey received “outstanding” scores in courtesy and friendliness, product knowledge and explanation of features and operation.


Response Management Software Inc. polled 995 Monterey Boat buyers in 25 states for boats purchased between July 5, 2000, and Nov. 30, 2001. The company received 348 responses (35 percent) from the mailed questionnaires, which were used to publish these findings.



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