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Monterey's new state-of-the-art production facility sets a new standard for boat building

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Monterey's new state-of-the-art production facility sets a new standard for boat building (2/1/2001)


It is the 130,000 square foot Monterey Boat manufacturing facility, the newest of its kind for an independently owned company. Mandated by increased market share, the new facility has allowed us to design, produce and deliver boats at a higher level of quality and speed. In addition to more linear production/ greater efficiency, our facility speeds the maturity of development, enabling you to get tomorrow's most advanced boat--now. Plant highlights include a spacious gel-coat application booth, automated Router system, prototype annex and many other improvements to more efficiently design, produce, and deliver our product: Quality boats that will help you live the Monterey way of life.




From Concept to Floating the Boat


Thanks to our state of the art facility, Monterey is able to "build bridges without walls." It's a way of boat manufacturing that brings research, development, design, engineering, testing and production together all on the same premises. It allows a short reaction time from concept to floating the boat, keeping us on the cusp of tomorrow's marine design. It allows our team to make boats as efficient to manufacture as they are to maintain. Computer Assisted Design ensures accuracy and symmetry in construction to last for ages. Dramatic revelation testing guarantees an ergonomic layout. Every boat that leaves the Monterey plant is a testament of our working knowledge, our personal enthusiasm and a tribute to the future of design and technology.


Craftsmanship Above and Below the Bottom Line


Using the finest materials available, we craft boats for high performance and build them to last. We use the finest materials available and forge the best partnerships in the business. Experienced, enthusiastic design and engineering teams make your boat dreams a reality. We hire and train dedicated and talented production teams. And we use fresh designs like the air-assist chine system and new, fiberglass liner and stringer system to build stronger boats from the bottom up.


Craftsmanship - When you Build for Pride


Thanks to increased production facilities, we are able to manufacture many of our own parts and interiors. From our virtually indestructible hulls and Rotocast seats to our one-piece galleys, every piece of our boat is built to improve performance without sacrificing durability.


Our heads and galleys are molded in high-strength, one piece, fiberglass units for ease of cleaning and improved hull integrity.


For safety, durability and style, welded materials are used throughout Monterey Boats as an element of dependability. Rails and cleats are through-bolted with aluminum backing plates to eliminate vibration and keep handrails permanently secured to the boat.


Boats Built with Boaters in Mind


Every Monterey Boat is built with someone in mind - the boater.Anyone who owns one can point out its special features with great pride. Whether it's the easy-boarding swim platforms with telescoping ladders or designs like the clear curve, walk-through, three-piece windshields. Every aspect of our vessels are engineered with materials able to withstand harsher environments than necessary. Every boat is made for multi-purpose usage with a comfortable, ergonomic design. After choosing a Monterey Boat, you can sit back in your large, contoured seating at the helm, for or aft and admire what you've just invested in - a beautiful craft and a beautiful way of life.




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