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My Monterey

Raymarine C70

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I have a 2005 Monterey 302, The Raymarine C70 display suddenly stop working, I did a FACTORY RESET and still doesn't work; every time I turn it on I only get Vertical or horizontal lines, sometimes color another B&W. MOST could you please let me know what to check for.







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Glad you had an easy fix..... I will say that Raymarine has AWESOME support! Have a c70 and the vhf by raymarine and when I had an issue, I received top notch support!

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I have a 2001 282 CR and installed a Raymarine C70 but I haven't set up the transducer for the depth finder. Does anyone have any suggestions on the best place to put the transducer on a 282 CR?

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Hi seanfitz,


Generally, for the C70 to work as a depthsounder (and fishfinder) you will need a DSM30 or DSM300 interface module.

A depth transducer is fitted and cabled to the DSM which in turn is cabled to the rear of the C70.


You will need to follow the installation documentation for both the DSM and the depth transducer to ensure correct and proper functioning. If you dont have the documents go to the Raymarine website ( www.raymarine.com ) and search for them.

There are several types of depth transducers you can use (transome mount, in-hull, thru-hull) and documentation for installation can also be found on their website.


Hope this assists





It is not possible to wire a depth transducer directly into the C70 without the DSM interface UNLESS you already have other instrumentation on board that uses the proprietary Raymarine "SeaTalk" protocols (e.g. the "ST" series of displays) OR some other industry standard protocols known as NMEA. In this case, you can link the existing display/s to the C70 to show the other data.

I do not think the standard 282CR instrument/s are either "SeaTalk" or NMEA compatible.

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