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262cr anchor

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Long story short, we no longer have the original anchor!!!


The Boat:

1999 Monterey Boats 262cr


The Location:

Los Angeles, Ca. (sandy coves)


The original anchor held very well

The windless is decent, but often times the chain and/or line kinks as it being pulled back into the anchor locker. (turning anchor retrieval into a two man job)


So, now that we are shopping for a new anchor AND new rode, what should we buy?


What steps can we take to ensure it is compatible with the locker and the windless?


Thanks so much!


Boat used to have this:


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Hello beau,


To get the best advice, go with the windlass manufacturer's suggested product. Their name and model number is usually right on top...in 1998 and 1999 the anchor windlass was not a factory option on the 262 Cruiser.


There are alot of sites with tons of information and here's a couple to start with:




www.defender.com/category.jsp?path=-1|10391|32295&id=593390 This site has Lewmar rodes (very widely used windlass in the industry).


To help prevent kinking of the rode, be certain to motor to the anchor-not using the windlass motor to "pull" the boat to the anchor. Once on top of the anchor, retreive it as straight up as possible. Check your shackle and swivel to make sure they are not corroded and are moving freely.


Also, a little care goes a long way on rope! Thoroughly wash, rinse and dry your rope as part of a regular preventative maintenance schedule. Often, once a rope has been overstretched or compromised in some way (such as chafing) it loses it's integrity and needs to be replaced.


We currently ship a Delta "Fast set" #14 with the boats in the 262 Cruiser LOA range.

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