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  1. Almost 4 years later and so few replies to this thread? No Monterrey owners on the West Coast (Southern California) or just none that head to Catalina? We only went once this summer but plan on going back in the next couple weeks.
  2. Long story short, we no longer have the original anchor!!! The Boat: 1999 Monterey Boats 262cr The Location: Los Angeles, Ca. (sandy coves) The original anchor held very well The windless is decent, but often times the chain and/or line kinks as it being pulled back into the anchor locker. (turning anchor retrieval into a two man job) So, now that we are shopping for a new anchor AND new rode, what should we buy? What steps can we take to ensure it is compatible with the locker and the windless? Thanks so much! Boat used to have this:
  3. our '99 262cr does the exact same thing. it floats up, and your ear knows that everything is fine and normal but your eyes think you are cruising at Wide Open Throttle!
  4. beau

    Tow Trucks

    Thanks for the reply! I have asked a lot of people this question and I am shocked how most people have never stopped at a scale. We never did weigh ours, but it is due for the 10 hour service which might be a good opportunity.
  5. That color combination will look great! Best of luck!
  6. beau

    Tow Trucks

    Thank you both for the solid replys. I agree with all the points both of you touched on. Fortunately, I have access to heavier duty tow trucks through friends and work. My poor Monterey 262cr has mysteriously ingested a whole bunch of sea water into the VP 5.7. While I am sorting out purchasing a new motor, the boat is on a shop's trailer. before it goes back in the water, I will have the shop take it to a scale so I can discover the actual weigh of the rig and trailer (including hitch weight) Other members? Has anyone been to the scales to discover actual weights?
  7. I just purchased a Nissan Armada. I will be towing my motorcycles around, but I feel like I would be able to tow my 262cr. 1) What do you guys have to tow your Monterey 2) How much does your boat & trailer weigh (real life, no brochure #'s please)
  8. beau

    The smell

    Our "Head Smell" is just a memory now. I leave litre bottles of fresh water next to the head which are used for flushing. When we pump the tank, we fill it back up with fresh water and pump it again. once empty, I flush a gallon of fresh water with a splash of the aforementioned chemical into the head. this combination had the problem eliminated. Then, on a recent trip to Catalina Island, I made the mistake of using salt water for my second pump-out AND I omitted the chemlical, and the smell was back.
  9. Just to clarify. by left, he means starboard. As one looks into the hatch facing aft.
  10. For such a tiny area, Monterey Boats did a great job designing this aft cabin. Two (reasonably sized) adults fit just fine back there.
  11. I am trying to build a complete library with as much 262cr literature as I can find. so far I have most of the owners manuals, the Clymer Volvo/Penta service manual and the original sales brochure. Did any magazines test this boat? If so, please let me know so I can track the articles down.
  12. This might be a long shot (since shaking it seemed to work) Open the hatch to the engine. have somebody hit the trim switch. do you hear the relay click?
  13. Empirical evidence gathered over the last year of using our 262 offshore(same engine / drive and prop) suggests that you are right on the money with RPM / Speed / Economy!
  14. I took my 262cr to Catalina Island last week. Clamped a small dinghy to the fender/tank rack It worked out well, except for two instances of passengers hitting it with their shins. Next trip, I plan to trade the outboard for a set of oars
  15. beau

    The smell

    Do you guys operate in fresh water or salt? My 262cr lives in the salt water and we deal with the exact same issue. It was suggested we include a freshwater flush to our end of trip routine.
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