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My Monterey

Cockpit Carpet

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Hello ipod903,


Your Monterey 296 Cruiser cockpit carpet was manufactured by R & R Textiles, 5096 Hwy 76 in Chatsworth, Georgia. Phone is 706-695-1555.

The part number was 296CCC-6414 and the original color was Moonshine #R9002.


I hope this helps!

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Greetings, I have the exact same question although my boat is a 2000 262CR.


I'm not in the U.S so having carpets sent over here to Sweden is probably not realistic. I'm wondering if it is possible to get copies of the specifications for the cockpit carpets in the 262CR? Ideally drawings but failing that maybe just the dimensions?


I will then have a local carpet shop make them.


Of course I could always take my own measurements but the original measurements would probable give a more exact result.





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