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Why the delay receiving Volvo Transom Shield Assembly parts.

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I own a 2004 298SC with 5.7s and Volvo Duo props My boat was in need of a Volvo Penta Transom Shield Assembly, part #3868850, so my authorized Volvo repair shop ordered a new one directly from Volvo on 9/11/09.


Today is 10/19/09 (38 days) and Volvo cannot even estimate a delivery date. My shop has this placed as an overnight shipment and "emergency" type order.


My shop claims this is pretty much normal for ordering parts like this from Volvo. They say sometimes it takes three months and finally a crated part arrives that was build at Volvo overseas.


Is this normal for ordering parts like this from Volvo? Is there some way to speed up this order directly with Volvo? Is there a special customer service type number I can call to discuss this?


Any help or insight would be appreciated. I would really have to question purchasing future Volvo Penta equipped boats if this is typical when it comes to ordering parts like this.



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Hello Lake Mead Monster,


Many manufacturer's (in all industries)have been working staggered weeks of production since last fall due to the current economic conditions. I would not base any purchase decision on the way things are right now as today's business world is not the "norm".


To contact Volvo Penta direct in Virginia, you can call 757-436-5100 to check on your part. Have your authorized service center's name and address ready when you contact them. That will help speed up the search process for the Customer Service Representative.

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