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  1. I just had the shop replace my water pump impeller. Parts of the impeller were missing. Fourth season of use. I should have changed it out every two years as recommended.
  2. Install a charcoal filter in the vent line from the tank overboard. Continue to treat your tank after each pumpout, but the charcoal filter will eliminate all ordors. Good for at least one year.
  3. Wish I had read and answered this earlier. I had a similar (if not the same) problem. Air conditioner running but no flow at the thru hull discharge connection. The problem was not with the pump. Most A/C pumps move a significant volume of water but do not develope much discharge pressure. I had my boat out of the water for about two months. The normally soft sea growth inside the cooing coils on the A/C units had hardened and prevented flow from going thru the cois. I flushed the A/C seawater inlet side with shore fresh water (much higher pressure than the A/C circ water pump puts out. This cleared out the hardened growth...end of problem. To see if you have a similar problem, disconnect the water hose from the pump to the A/C unit right at the A/C unit itself. Turn on the A/C system. If you get flow at the end of the hose...you have or had the same problem I did. Hope this helps others as well. On my 1996 296 cruiser, the water stopped circulating thru my AC water pump while the compressor can still turn on. I confirmed that the impeller was OK in the pump housing as it moves freely without seizing. Apparently the water pump motor is not turning on. Does anyone know if there is an in line fuse or relay /pump trigger anywhere in the wiring? I'm guessing that there is a thermal solid state overload switch internal to the pump itself. The pump is a March Mfg. BC-3C-MD. Thanks for any help. Tonight I plan to check the wiring to the pump motor to see if they are hot. If your compressor works, you may just need a new pump. Pumps are available from places like West Marine. You should be able to find one that matches or comes close to the GPM of the pump that you have. They're pretty easy to replace. I have a 1999 296. I replaced the pump a few months ago.
  4. Has anyone out there had the problem of the high temp alarm going off after 5-10 minutes of operating at wide open throttle? I have a 2006 270CR and continue to have this problem.
  5. It is a grounding wire and needs to be hooked up to any part that provides a good ground connection.
  6. I have a 270. ALWAYS use a water treatment for the head EVERY time you have it pumped out. It is not that expensive...just make sure you use it every time. We learned the hard way and are very familiar with the problem you have.
  7. We have the same set up. I like your idea, and that's what we use it for.
  8. Hi Neighbor, We have a Monterey 270 and dock at Portsmouth. I don't know what length you have, but on the 270, the city water goes through a regulating valve to step pressure down from city water pressure to a pressure the boat can handle. This is an automatic function. There is no need to line anything else up. Just hook the hose to the city water connection and make sure the valve on the pier is full open. One word of caution...always turn the city water off (or disconnect it) if you are leaving the boat for any length of time. If your pot water system developes a leak with city water hooked up and pressurized, you have an infinite amount of water to sink your boat. The only things I can suggest is to make sure you have good flow from the city water hose, make sure that the hose supplying city water is not kinked or having it's flow restricted. If all that fails...call Monterey. Good Luck.
  9. My bilge pump stopped working in automatic and I found out that the wires had been mounted where minimal bolge water caused corrosion and stopped the pump from working. I just had the pump re-wired and moved the wiring harness up higher and all is well.
  10. We also have a 270CR. What is the meaning behind Knight Moves????
  11. Right next to there. But you got the right location.
  12. We are near the Great Bridge at Ski Boats Unlimited.
  13. We are located at Ski Boats Unlimited by the Great Bridge on Battlefield Blvd.
  14. Nice job on the graphics. We are located on the Elizabeth River in Chesapeake.
  15. You got it. "Sedagive!!!!!" LOL. We keep a copy on board.
  16. Great job on the new site!
  17. Boat name is "Abbe Normal". That will mean something to some and nothing to others. :-)
  18. I had problems with the spillage at first. The trick for me was to listen to the sound of the gas going in. As soon as the sound changes noticably, you can tell that you are close to full. Stop there and don't try to top off or fill up more. You will still have very close to a full tank and no gas will come out the vent or the filler hole. Good luck.
  19. I too have a 270CR (2006). I'm 5'10" and can only drive the boat from a standing position. When seated, except at very slow speed, you have no forward visibility. We took the boat out for 11 hours one day and my legs just about killed me. We have put 110 hours on the boat and the only solution I have come up with is to move the seat as far forward as possible and then put two throw type life cushions under me. You quickly find you have very limited standing room with the seat all the way forward, so part of my "return to port" routine is to have the Admiral (my wife) slide the seat back as we approach so I can stand up for docking.
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