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  1. M.O.S.T. Is there a quick easy DVOM test that can be performed to determine if the Galvonic Isolators are actually operational? Thanks,
  2. The correct number for the Fastback is A3 CANN-FB-6047-BLK 1 EA 322CR TAYLOR FASTBACK BLK(#60470008351). That was my old posting and I got that number from Taylor Made.
  3. We are planning a trip from Clear Lake Texas to Corpus Christi and back. Plan on going out of Clear Lake to Galveston Bay, then hit the ICW at Galveston. First night out we hope to make Palacios, then on to Corpus the next day! We have heard the locks in the ICW just below Matagorda are still damaged from Hurricane Ike so we may have to make part of the trip out in the Gulf. I will post more info as we get closer to the trip and during our transit.
  4. We decided to go with custom made as Taylormade could not supply a slant back like we wanted!
  5. We named ours after my parents who though are no longer with us would have gotten a big kick out of it.
  6. We just got our 322 and while we were putting her in the slip at our marina we couldn't find a pressure water connection, didn't this boat come with one? I would be amazed that it didn't! The owners manual speaks of it but it is very generic and does not say if it has a connection or not. If it does have one where would it be? Thanks!
  7. I am assuming it is an 04, the hull # is RGFN0423C404. I called the New York number, they sent me to 229-387-0492 which is the Georgia plant. They said that is where all of the canvas comes from. I called them and they are supposed to get back to me by Friday with a quote. Thanks for your help!
  8. I need information concerning the OEM supplier for canvas on a 2004 322. Mine was destroyed by hurricane Ike and I need to replace it all, including bows. I know it wasn't Great Lakes, Was it Taylormade?
  9. Hello all, Just a quick note to introduce myself, Tom from near Houston TX. We should be picking up our 2004 322 on Saturday the 3rd of October. Late in the year but we don't lay them up down here, usually can boat all 12 months.
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