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  1. MOST, can you check to see what the "FASTBACK" # is? Taylor said they can't find the # as it's the same as the rear top. I got those #'s from a previous discussion here. The vendor in 2004 for the 322 Cruiser canvas was TaylorMade. On line is www.taylormarine.com/canvas/index.html and telephone is 518-773-0636 in New York. The part numbers were: ONYX A1 CANN-BT-6047-BLK 1 EA 322CR TAYLOR BIMINI BLK (#60470008011) $1.024.25 A2 CANN-RT-6047-BLK 1 EA 322CR TAYLOR REAR TOP BLK (#60470008041) $1,055.74 A3 CANN-FB-6047-BLK 1 EA 322CR TAYLOR FASTBACK BLK(#60470008041) A4 CANN-SC-6047-BLK 1 PR 322CR TAYLOR SIDE CURT BLK (#60470008111) $336.42 PAIR A5 CANN-WS-6047-BLK 1 EA 322CR TAYLOR WINDSCREEN BLK (#60470008071)- $382.93
  2. I have a 2004 322. I had to replace mine 2 years ago and Boat US had it in stock. It was around $900.00
  3. I did cotact my local Kohler dealer... This is what happened. Because I don't use the generator the fuel pump piston gummed up from the stale gas. This shorted the relay on the circuit board which also shorted the voltgage regulator. New fuel pump, Circuit board, voltgage regulator & 2 hours srevice call = $700.00 Leson learned... Use your generator at least once per week. It even says to do this in the manual.
  4. Hi Everyone: The "input" fuse keeps blowing evertime I try and start the genset. I disconnected the electric choke to make sure that wasn't the problem. Then I was told by the local shop to disconnect the voltgage regulator. It would stay running as long as you held the start button in with that disconnected and it wouldn't blow the fuse. Do you think its a safe bet to replace the voltgage regulator @ $200.00 bucks. I only have 10 hours on it. thanks for your help. Gary Garybeez@aol.com
  5. I have a 2004 322 that does the same thing on both tachs. I have to tap on them to get them to read corectly. It's a real pain when trying to sinc the engines while running. Gary B
  6. If you want to send me your broken one I can make you one out of 6061 aluminum or stainless. You can than paintit,polish it or anodize it. Send me a photo of it and I'll throw you a price. Gary GaryBeez@aol.com
  7. Hi: I have a 2004 322. The charger has 3 wires with 2 wires in each. Red&Black. Each battery should get one set. Black on Neg, Red on Positive. The two batteries you said are connected together are just the neg. Pos goes up to the switch. good luck GaryBeez@aol.com
  8. Hi: I took my "ice box" out and installed a fridge. We kept the one in the cabin for food and the new one under the wet bar for drinks. Domestic sells one that is very close to the same size as the ice box. I only had to shave off a 1/4" off of the opening. Very eazy to do. Also have to do a little wiring and add a circuit breaker. I sold the boat last last year and now have a 322 that has a ice maker. I think I would rather have a fridge. If it ever breaks I will replace it with a fridge. Good luck GaryBeez@aol.com
  9. I found the problem! The main 2 NEGITIVE Busbar lugs in the engine compartment back wall were only finger tight. The one behind the circuit panel weren't that tight either. Thanks Gary
  10. [The wire size is too small. 25 foot run is actually 50 foot. You measure the round trip. You would have only around 5 amp max draw @ 50 feet. You need to find out what the current draw is on the horns. 12ga wire would give you around 12 amps @ 10% drop. 10ga would give you around 20 amps. The manual the horns came with should give you recommened wire size. Hope this helps. GaryBeez@aol.com
  11. Hi All: What is causing the RED LED light to blink when I switch on a 12V circuit breaker such as the lights or stereo. See photo. I have a 2004 322. I thought the batteries were no good so I replaced both of them with brand new group 29 size batteries. Thanks for any help. Gary
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