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  1. i have a 2010 214fs. the hull is listed as "sterling" and has a 4 line pin strip composed of 3 colors: 1/4 in. wide silver ultra metallic 1-1/4 in. wide black ultra metallic 1/4 in. wide white 3/16 in. wide silver ultra metallic (this may be 1/4 in. I need to re-check) the color names shown were taken from a Prostripe color chart. i'm having problems finding these items for a couple reasons. first, i just need a small amount of each one, enough to repair a couple spots damaged when docking (less than a foot total per color). from what i understand these stripes usually are sold in lentgths much longer that i don't need. second, some of the widths shown are not on the Prostripe chart. does anyone have any ideas?
  2. thanks, i'll do that. regarding the oil filter, since it was a new leftover boat, i don't imagine the oil had been changed and the filter should be OEM.
  3. two questions: 1. I have a 214fs with a 5.0L TKS mercruiser. this is a new boat (to me) and i'm winterizing it but can't find any specification on the oil filter. i like to have everythng bought before starting the job instead of having to pull off the old one and then running out to find a new one. the merc owners manual doesn't say what it is nor does the label on the engine. 2. the diagram in the manual for a multiport drain system shows drain on the "fuel cooler to thermostat housing". i've looked the engine over but cannot find this drain. it's not listed as optional.
  4. I just bought a 214 with a 5.0L. it has a 19 pitch aluminum prop. on my other boat i have a 21pitch SS. i'm wondering if anyone has experience about the performance of the 214 with a 21 or 19 SS prop.
  5. I know this is late in coming but...when we took our (late) shepherd/lab mix with us and he had to "go". he swam ashore, did his business and then swam back. Man, I miss that dog!!
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