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  1. Was in the engine compartment cleaning the bilge when the hatch started to close. No way out. We are talking about several hundred lbs of hatch and seating. Get caught in between and you are toast. Fortunately, I was at the Marina and fellow boaters heard me yelling and got on board. At the helm, they pressed the open hatch rocker. The hatch opened, I got out, then slowly closed again. Clearly failing. Two questions. Is there a switch in the engine compartment that allows you to open the hatch if unable to get out? Secondly, what brand was used on a 2009.
  2. Unfortunately I had muskrats spend the spring under my cockpit cover while the Marina was under covid lockdown. I am in Ontario Canada. Claws marks everywhere. I have to replace all of the cockpit lounge upholstery. I have a 2008/2009 290/300. Does Monterey have the patterns that I can send to an upholsterer? Can you please respond MOST.
  3. I suspect that one of my fuel gauges on my 2009 Monterey 300 is not functioning properly. Before I replace/repair the gauge, I want to check the sender. Any idea where it is located and how to access it?
  4. Not sure how water is entering. One possibility is that the Tonneau cover does not fit well along the arch. I had this issue with both my 270 and 290 CR. It was no match for wind and rain let alone snow. Shrink wrapping is standard for winterizing here in Canada. That said, the drain plug should be removed during winterization. This reduces the likelihood of water buildup and is critical should you get freezing temps.
  5. I have a 2008 Monterey 290, and the aft bench/berth configuration is similar to yours. The aft backrest, in my case, is velcroed to the wall. Leave it in place. The port and starboard back rests lift up and away from the fibreglass side walls. They are then laid across the opening resting on the protruding seat ledge.
  6. What is the recommended horn for the 290? Any aftermarket products that can be installed to the original harness? I am hoping I can "drop in" the replacement from the outside as it is mounted in a very difficult to reach position inside the anchor locker.
  7. Thanks for the suggestion. I did consider this. Seems a great way to distribute the load The challenge with looping around the arch is that I could not have the Bimini tops up. Also the canvass tracks would get damaged as they would bear the load. This is where installing a u bolt on the underside is more convenient. I am concerned first that the arch will bear the load and secondly, is there a way to install the bolt and minimize the possibility of getting spider cracks in the fiberglass from the thru bolt contacting with the fiberglass.
  8. I have a dinghy attached to the swim platform of a 2008 290 by a Weaver arch davit system, a weaver lever on the dinghy and a 60 lb motor. Total weight is less than 200 lbs. To make it easier to lift the dinghy out of the water to vertical, I want to add a U bolt to the underside of the arch then run a detachable 4:1 pulley system. The reason for utilizing the arch is that it gives a better angle to raise the dinghy and decrease resistance. Will the arch support the pull? Any suggestions as to reinforcing the U bolt.? Other suggestions welcomed.
  9. 2009 290 with the sun lounger. Added a Titan 280 rigid dinghy with Weaver arc davits. Very pleased with performance and functionality.
  10. We too went up from a 270. In our case, a 2009 Monterey. Decided on a Monterey 290 after looking at a Cruisers, Chaparell and Maxum. We were not disappointed. For us, in a 30 footer, we did not want a set berth in the bow. We preferred the open dining area/living space fore. The aft berth/lounge area converts to a double berth and we permanently keep it that way. Hope this helps in your decision.
  11. I have a factory installed Raymarine in dash VHF 49 on a 2009 290 that is transmitting but not receiving. Connections at the atenna have been checked. I want to access the back of the radio to check connections and/or replace the radio. I noticed the dash has two components upper and lower. What is the best way to access/remove the VHF?
  12. I have purchased a 270 and 290 from Bayview Yacht Harbour in Portland ON 50 minutes south of Ottawa. Terrific service. Third in north America for Monterey after sales service awards this year. Www.bayviewyachtharbour.com
  13. With the addition of ethanol to the majority of our refueling stops, and will continue to do so, what do we have to consider. From the research I have done, "Since ethanol-blended fuels attract and hold moisture, ethanol content can contribute to causing corrosion of tank material in aluminum fuel tanks. Corrosion material can clog fuel filters and damage injectors, carburetors, and other fuel system components. Stainless steel and plastic fuel tank materials are not affected by ethanol-blended fuels. However, ethanol-blended fuel can act as a solvent, loosening and washing old deposits or contaminates into the fuel system."(http://www.volvopenta.com).
  14. Placement_on_290.pdfHere you go . . .
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