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  1. Some new models revealed at the dealer meeting. 197FSX, 197 Fish n' ski both with outboard power. 214SS, 234SS and 288SS. They look fantastic from the little I have seen. Should be on the website VERY soon !!!
  2. What does it look like when you take your wheel off ? Should be obvious once removed.
  3. Yea, many builders release their 2013 line up earlier than they once did. There is some sense of urgency to be one of the first to show your 2013 models before the Ft. Lauderdale show. FLIBS is often the new boat introduction show for many builders. Monterey has never been a company to follow, they lead. When they are ready to promote 2013 models, they will, and the website will be updated accordingly.
  4. Yes, any dealer can order one for you, that is IF they are still available.
  5. That is about right. We ran our 282CR with 4.3L V6's at about 3800 RPM for it's "sweet spot"
  6. Ask your dealer if it is available. You will have to go thru him anyway to get one from Monterey.
  7. As of today, they are 2012 models on the Monterey website.
  8. You can't order direct from Monterey. But your dealer can. Worst case, the dealer can tell you the manufacturer of the hatch, and order the part from a distributor if Monterey no longer uses that particular hatch on their current line of cruisers.
  9. Not sure if they are Lewmar or not. Kinda looks like they are. Check here, they do not list the screen as seperate, but comes with the portlight. http://www.lewmar.com/products.asp?id=8008&type=59&channel=1
  10. Take your pick...... http://www.iboats.com/Recessed-Drink-Holders/dm/cart_id.727978962--session_id.503432307--view_id.731312 Or at your local West Marine
  11. I looked long and hard at a Regal 1900 when we were boat shopping this spring. The 184FS is quite similar to the 1900. The Regal was a bit more $'s than the 184, and IMO was not worth the extra money. We decided to go with a 204FS instead, because of the added cockpit space, available V8 engine, and boat show discounts. Yes, it was even more expensive than the Regal 1900, but just plain more boat. We are extremely happy we stayed with Monterey.
  12. Easy one. Try Sailrite. http://www.sailrite.com/Shock-Cord-Cover-Clip-White
  13. You can use the adapter for your ipod. You can also have Sirrius if you have the tuner, and don't mind paying for a subscription.Of course you also have CD and radio.
  14. The Igloo Island Breeze will just fit. It's a bit wide, but will fit in the space, but may need a strap to keep it in place. We used this cooler in our 282CR and it worked fine. Exterior Dimensions (in - L x W x H) 18.235 x 12.5 x 15.385 $15.99 at Wally World
  15. You can check here and see if a template for your boat is available, or make your own template and send it to these guys. They do First Class work. http://www.snapincarpet.com/index.cfm Or contact your dealer and have them price the carpet direct from Monterey (if still available)
  16. Check your drive lube. If it is even close to low, an alarm will sound.
  17. Fuel is just 87 octane Unleaded (hopefully no ethanol) Just a guess, but standard pitch of stock prop was probably 19. Sometimes 21. (Assumes Alpha 1 drive) Do you have a pitot tube for your speedometer pickup ? Is you "tube" from pick up to gauge not cracked or clogged anywhere from speedometer to the transom? Have you tried to blow compressed air from pick up to speedometer ? If so, does the gage register ? Wiring diagram will be difficult to source for that age boat. Best bet is have a marine tech take a quick look at your engine, they should know in seconds where the tach connects.
  18. Seloc make a good repair manual. Here is one source. http://www.marineengine.com/manuals/seloc/mercruiser.html?gclid=CL-imtSL3rACFcIUKgodWBA_2w Or some engine only info (Mercruiser Manuals) can be bought from this site. http://www.marinepartsexpress.com/merc_manuals.htm You can also get some specific engine/drive info for your particular engine direct from Mercruiser. Just send them the serial # off your engine and outdrive. http://www.mercurymarine.com/service-and-support/
  19. Sump boxes continually get clogged with hair, dirt and debris. They need to be cleaned regularly. You just might have to stay ahead of the game and clean it more often. Also check any elbows that might be in the system for a build up of gunk that might prevent a better flow.
  20. In our 282 CR, the unit was under the dinette seat in the cabin. Not that familiar with your set up. But you can install one and put vents where you would like, if space permits. As long as you have a pro do the install, you should not have a problem down the road.
  21. Most of the gas stations in my area do not have ethanol, so I have not used one yet, But I voted for Sta-Bil since I have used there fuel treatment for years for winter lay-up.
  22. In my manual for our boat, Monterey recommends Fantastik or 409 for vinyl cleaning. I have 409, and it does a good job. I have used the Meguiar's before, and it does a good job also, but is pricey. I use the 409 to clean , and then put a coat of 303 protectant on the seats, for durability and UV protection.
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