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  1. Joe, are you still interested in swapping props? E-mail me: SRBarnet61@gmail.com
  2. 2009 214FS 5.7 Gi

  3. The M5 is a sweet boat! I looked all over the country for a 214 FS 5.7, we finally found a new '09 in late 2010 in Utah and had it shipped to Seattle. I have found, the only way to get original Monterey parts is through a dealer or EBay. Hope this helps, enjoy your ride.
  4. Any Monterey dealer should be able to order one for you through the dealer.
  5. Feel free to post your own needs on this forum site! I have a set of, new, dual SS F4's and I need Dual SS F5's. Does anyone want to swap, or does anyone know where I can get a couple F5's? I am hoping someone out there needs a little quicker start out of the hole. I have a '09 214 5.7 Gi and I'm getting 50MPH @ 5200 RPM, WOT and I need to bring down the RPM's a little. Thanks, Steve (Seattle)
  6. I would start with a Monterey dealer. Any of them could probably answer your question for you. Good Luck!
  7. Hey Stephen, Just got a '09 214FS this August (8.5 hours so far). I was worried about pulling it from Seattle to Lake Coeur D'Alene, ID with a 4.7 Toyota Sequoia. No probelemo. Just got off the Lake today (9/4/10) What a sweet ride! 5.7 Gi DP, Sirius, Wakeboard tower e.t.c. I feel sorry for the people that aren't into the boating thing. See you on the lake!! Steve (Seattle)
  8. I bought a '09 with a bow ladder, excited for the kids to play off the front of the boat while the adults enjoyed their time. So I sent the kids off the front of the boat but they couldn't reach the ladder to get back up, the ladder only extended half way to the water. The ladder also rests on the chrome side gaurd so when you apply pressure to the ladder it dents the chrome. I'm confused. Anyone have an answer? Thanks, Steve (Seattle)
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