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  1. Prior to giving it gas, go to 100% on your trim tabs, then full throttle. As you start to plane out, bring your trim tabs back to zero and then reduce the rpm.
  2. Where can I find a replacement transom hatch latch for a 2003 245CR?
  3. I have a broken porthole window assembly, both the frame and window, on my 2003 245 CR. Where can I find a replacement?
  4. Had a similar issue with my 5.0 MPI. Cause was a bad idle air control valve. Part for my engine was a two wire valve made by Ford. Exact equivalent was same for a 2002 Ford Windstar. Took about 10 minutes to replace.
  5. What transducer was used with the Faria depth sounder on the 2003 245 CR?
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