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  1. Can't help with the SC...but I own a 2005 298 SS. I bought it used about a year ago. I can tell you this, I've climbed all over, inside and out, on mine doing a stereo install and other stuff. The boat is VERY well made! There just isn't really much if any exposed marine plywood like I've seen in other boats, everything is fiberglass wrapped, quality fasteners, overkill on a lot of parts. My SC will get up and go for the size of boat, well into the 58 mph range. The cuddy will be heavier and not as fast, but honestly it's not really comfortable at those speeds, 45 feels great when water is smooth. We boat at Lake of the Ozarks and it's rough...I mean REALLY rough (unless you've boated here on a busy weekend you cannot comprehend the washing machine effect). I can put the tabs down and run 30-35 and just let it eat. I'm glad I didn't buy any less boat.
  2. With the bimini top up, just me in the boat, 1/2 tank of fuel, some wind swirling...I got 54.5 mph on GPS. I have the 2005 with Twin 350 Mags. Tach's indicated just over 5000 RPM. I would imagine with the bimini top off and some tweeking on the trim, no wind, etc. 57-58 would be possible. It will run 52 VERY strong without pinning it! Getting that extra 5 mph takes a lot of effort. As I said above, I haven't had the boat over 40 most of the summer! It was fun to go out and open it up on some "normal" water.
  3. If I can EVER remember to take my handheld GPS out I will make a top speed run yet this fall and let you know. You have me curious too. Honestly we rarely ever run over 40 (per the speedo) on Lake of the Ozarks, it's just far too busy and rough when we're down on the weekends. Usually have the tabs down, trim in and letting it eat at about 30!
  4. Thanks Ian, Mine are certainly NOT "zero effort" so I suspect they are cable driven...but honestly don't know. They take a little force to move them. They feel like they're cable driven, but I'm not at the lake currently to take a look. Every boat I've ever owned was cable driven, and other than not having a neutral lock, these feel like cables. A boat in this class/category is completely new to me this year. I agree, the cost to change out is probably not worth it but thought I would investigate. I've gotten used to them, just see others effortlessly clicking their controls when maneuvering to park...shifter envy. My hull ID is RGFT0313F405. Perhaps M.O.S.T. can chime in on whether they were ever equipped this way or what my boat has? Scott
  5. So did any of the 298 SS boats come with Gaffrig style controls?? I don't hate the Merc shifters, it's just they're hard to finesse. How difficult would it be to make the conversion?
  6. I just completed a full amp & sub woofer install this weekend. Figured I would at least give you some thoughts even though I did a full amp and 12" Polk Audio enclosure under the helm seat in my 298SS. Bottom line when in the boat, the bass is downright amazing! I mean it will rattle the fiberglass. But, once you leave the boat while coving out and floating, even that much bass is almost lost. It's weird, the boat and the water must dampen it. Like you, I was setting out to just improve the sound for ME while underway and get it a little louder for us while we are coved. At Lake of the Ozarks you will never be the loudest in the cove unless you spend a LOT of $$ making it happen. But I have to say, just adding that $120 MB Quart amp and Polk sub ($77 shipped on ebay) the sound level and quality has improved big time, even with the stock speakers mounted down low. Next I'm adding 4 Kicker 6200's to the arch and get the sound higher up. So, get the biggest you can get. Read the reviews on the bazooka tubes, they're not bad at all. But as I said, it doesn't really translate to the water when coving out all that well.
  7. Ya, I plan on taking the bimini off one day again for cleaning and I will take my hand held gps along and see what it's really doing. I'm curious too.
  8. Jim, I have a 2005 with 350 Mag's. I get mid-upper 50's on the boat speedo...never GPS'd it. We have the bimini top in place 99% of the time and it gets a little flappy at that speed. That's really moving in that boat. I'm not sure I would want to go much faster. We run Lake of the Ozarks, so on weekends it's 25-30 max with trim tabs set at 30%...crazy rough.
  9. Great looking boat in pictures! Love to see one in person. Sure wish we would get a dealer presence again at Lake of the Ozarks!! My 2005 298 SS gives up nothing to Sea Ray or Crownline.
  10. Awesome! Thanks, that's what I thought they were but had to confirm before I ordered. Great site and service you have answering our questions!!
  11. Good to know! I will keep an eye on mine from now. The amount of force those things take is pretty incredible. Especially doing 25 knots into a 35mph wind! I took the bimini off the other day to power wash it and left it off all weekend as we went out and played. I REALLY like the look without the top...but the sun is just brutal when coved out. In the end it's better to have it on.
  12. My Hull ID is RGFT0313F405 Need the top white color and the black side color. Also any tips on using the Spectrum or mincraft.com kits would be greatly appreciated. I've got a nasty gouge to fill and gel. Thank you!!
  13. Taylor Made was able to find my patterns using my hull I.D. number.
  14. If the area is directly under the mount, not visible after repair, you could to fill the hole with Bondo fiberglass filler. It's already mixed up and has glass strands in it. Just mix a little hardener and fill the holes, then re-drill. I haven't looked at mine to see...do they use a screw or rivet? I got a nasty gouge in the gel coat this last weekend. I will be filling AND gel coating at some point! Sucks.
  15. It's called a Living Hinge made by Southco. I got mine on ebay for $10 shipped.
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