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  1. Short of installing a perfect pass system Perfect Pass Systems you need a good driver. To add ballast, you can add bags that can be filled with a ballast pump...of course they take up floor space and kill fuel efficiency but will help in gaining wake. Always use water ballast as it is buoyant neautral as opposed to sand bags, etc. Ballast Bags Best of luck!
  2. Have a new to me 2005 180FS with the 4.3L and rear bench seating options. Seeking information on brand of factory installed stereo, and model. The boat appears to have had a factory installed Sirius Radio package with a mounted remote control for the stereo at the helm. As the head unit has since been replaced, the Sirius receiver is not working, nor is the installed remote. Hoping to return to the factory head unit in an effort to take advantage of the other features. Lastly, speakers seem to be having issues...any information on size/brand would be helpful so I can find replacements without having to cut larger holes. Thanks in advance! Allan
  3. Check out DB electrical. I have had good luck with their starters and can't beat their prices.
  4. Thanks so much! Sounds like I need to pull the fin and drop pitch to 21.
  5. Purchased a 2005 180FS that has the stock 14 1/4x 21p prop and a stingray fin installed...not impressed so far with the performance as it is set up. Tach wasn't working correctly and think I got that working now. WOT RPM's seem low at 4300, lots of cavitation in hard turns and boat porpoises like crazy if I trim up at all. Not sure where to start...what prop's are others running on the 180 FS? Any others running a sting ray foil? Anyone remove a foil? What do you do with the holes? Any running Nauticus smart tabs? Came from a Bayliner 175 where I found amazing performance improvements running a Hustler prop and Nauticus tabs...but I realize each hull is different. Feedback is much appreciated. Thanks!
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