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  1. I changed mine to stainless steel from amazon for about $10. They have the drain holes also. Cheers
  2. I got the same ones, What a difference! The halogens got way too hot. In fact, the previous owner burned two nasty holes in the v-berth cushions by keeping them up against the indirect cabin lights.
  3. Hi all, Hoping those of you with many more years of experience with your boat than me could offer some help on a problem. After docking for dinner, I turned on the main battery switch and went underway to return to the dock. Boat started and drove fine. Everything electrical is fine at the helm. Once back towards the slip, I realized the dc panel in the cabin wasn't on. The breaker does nothing. Theres power from the batteries to the rest of the boat but not the dc panel. Could the breaker switch be bad? Where else would there be a problem? The power should just go directly from Batteries to the panel right? It was dark and late so I only did minor troubleshooting for anything obvious, I didn't have my meter handy to check if the breaker was getting dc. I did just visually check the back of the dc panel and everything looks connected. Battery connectors also look to be good. Any ideas? I'm hoping to go back and troubleshoot tonight. Thanks!
  4. Check with "Great Lakes Boat Top" in Michigan. They happened to have made the original camper canvas for my 2000 monterey 262. Their prices are very reasonable and they zipped in perfectly to the existing bimini top. Cheers!
  5. I'm in need of some carpet for my 262. I realize your post is super old, but if you're still on this board, can you shoot me the info of where you got the carpet?
  6. Just to update- I went ahead and purchased the Monterey. Love it. As with any used boat, it had a few issue. I replaced the remote search light on the bow, installed a couple new bilge pumps- One under the cabin step and one in the engine compartment. I'm really happy with the performance. It jumps up on plane and really has a comfortable deck configuration. I had her out in some 3-4 foot chop on the Chesapeake a couple weekends ago. It did very well- It was tricky finding that magic balance between speed, engine trim, trim tabs and wave running, but it did very will with a few good splashes on deck. My Captain skills were tested for sure. I'm wondering if anyone has ideas on where the inch -2 inch water in the engine bilge is coming from? I read on another forum that maybe the water is coming in around the anchor locker or maybe I need to install some of those valves in the outlets on the bow? Other than a little annoying bilge water, it seems to be doing well. Cheers!
  7. I took ownership of a 2000 Monterey 262 about 5 days ago. Silly me, I assumed it had a windlass, but failed to actually open the anchor locker and check. Apparently it doesn't have a windlass? Why would the boat have fuses and a windlass switch at the helm if the actual windlass wasn't installed? Am I crazy? Or is the windlass hidden or something? Why put the switch and wiring and not the hardware? Just curious. Thanks! Dave
  8. Hi all- I'm looking to upgrade to a slightly larger cruiser from my 20 year old Chaparral Signature 23. I found a 2000 Monterey 262 Cruiser with a newly rebuilt 7.4 Merc. Looking for some guidance on it's performance. I'm not very familiar with Monterey, but it seems to be a good vessel. I haven't water-tested it yet because the boat is currently winterized. With the recently rebuilt engine and a price of 21k, it seems like a solid deal. I'm curious as to the performance of these boats. I'll be using it in the Chesapeake bay and rivers around the bay for weekend overnights, friends, docking at restaurants, and some tubing. The 7.4 should be powerful for all these activities. How does this hull design handle 3-4 ft. waves in rougher water? Are Monterey owners happy with the fit and finish of the cabin? This is a 12 year old vessel so now is when the fit and finish and build quality will either shine or show serious wear and start to fall apart. Looking for any input from current owners. If you're a current owner of a 262, I'd love to hear a brief bit about your experience. Thanks all! Dave
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