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  1. I have the 5.0L (Chevy Block) with SX VP out drive on a 21' footer, and since day 1, she has always run from 150-175 at cruising speeds, and rarely gets past 200 if ever. I have never had an issue, and that is with risers and manifolds are being replaced next month due to time and corrosion. I figure with new R&M I will be at a steady 150-160, which is normal for a V8 small block.
  2. Do i boat, or golf today? Gotta love SOCAL weather!

  3. That looks about right to me. You dont want them around the entire surface area anyways. Mostly one in each corner, then maybe one or two on the longer runs so that the carpet does not come up in those areas. (two more in bow section, and two more in the cabin area between seats and stern.) If you were to only put them where the red marks are NOW, you would be ok too.
  4. Are any of the batteries you have labeled "Starter"? ( I know it sounds like a dumb question, but I was able to help someone out with that same answer as well) if two are, and two are not....then those are your house batteries. Also look at the cranking amps off all four, and see if they differ.
  5. Ear muffs are pretty sufficient for flushing out salt water, unless you want to spend a bit more and install a fresh water cooled unit. other than that, run your ear muffs for about 7 min with the engine rev up only a little to open up the thermostat. I recommend using Salt-Away as well
  6. Dont forget about the water impeller and fuel and water separator. As far as oil goes, I have been using Delo 400 synthetic 15W-40. Its made for heavy duty motors, such as yours.
  7. Welcome to the Monterey family. She is a great looking boat!
  8. I have a 1999 210 Montura, and it has a 38 gallon tank.
  9. Markhb, This is will be my 2nd summer with my 99 Monterey 210 and we are also planning to head out to Catalina this summer. It will be my 1st trip out there, so we are hoping to get some good advice on: best time to leave, where to anchor, how to get around and what def NOT to do or forget before heading out. Maybe one of you fellow West Coast Monterey-ers might want to buddy boat out there with us if we can plan it that way.
  10. Summer....you seem so far away. HURRY UP.

  11. Hey guys! I'm new to boating, and Monterey. Took me about a year to finally decide on a boat after much research and boat shows, and I finally decided on a Monterey. I can honestly say, I'm extremely confident I made the right choice. I do have a few things though that I am looking to repair little by little. Does anyone know the part number for the gaskets on the risers? (maybe even a website where I could purchase them) I have a 1999 Volvo Penta 5.0 GLPWTR. Also, I'm pretty mechanically inclined and have a garage full of tools, but can someone tell me, would this be an easy replacement for a first time boat owner? I've always done my own auto replacements and I'm thinking that changing a boat gasket would take the same common sense as changing a gasket on an engine block on a car. Am I correct? Any help would do. Thanks guys!
  12. Ready to leave port.

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