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  1. Under your front bunk mattress is a board with a table leg mount. You will need to use the short leg you use for your aft deck table and tuck the edges of the board under your seat cushions. Then put your dinette where the board normally sits (there is an indentation for it). My boat did not come new with factory cushions to fill in this temporary berth so yours may not have either. I figured if I ever needed a fill cushion I would just cut it out of foam. For a more permanent solution get United Pillow Manufacturing out of Miami to build you one from a template you create.
  2. And here is a flyer I have on the 322 that is mostly accurate. Monterey 322 Cruiser.pdf
  3. Here you go. This manual is for the 322, 302, 290, 282, 270, and 250 Monterey Cruisers. MontereyCruiserManual.pdf
  4. I have a 2004 322 and my swim ladder has 4 steps. When backing up to a beach at times my ladder drags in the sand. If yours is shorter I can try and figure out what model I have and since there is already a 322 with one it will likely fit your boat.
  5. Len, I do not own your boat but have replaced the AC unit in my 322 and am getting ready to replace both AC units in the boat I am buying. In general, boat manufacturers do not make an AC unit just for one boat. What you need to do is figure out the AC options that were available for your boat and that will lead you to the general units that were used. If you can find someone who will take a picture of their AC unit in your model boat it will also make your job a lot easier. And finally, you will need to figure out if the wiring and plumbing are already in your boat for the AC unit. If not then you have a serious endeavor in front of you. Good luck!
  6. For anyone else looking to solve this issue, you need two of Item # 1270095 Model # EC-120/S and four #10-32 x 3/4in stainless screws from Lowes. If you look elsewhere they are called Circuit 4-1/2-in Center to Center Satin Stainless Steel Rectangular Bar Cabinet Door Pull. You will need to open the holes in the doors just a tad. Once installed you will have two very good looking stainless cabinet handles to replace the plated steel handles that only last a few years in the marine environment.
  7. I have a 322 and over the years I have gotten some stains on the front bunk mattress cover. Does anyone have a source for the fabric used on the 2004 Monterey 322s? ThanX Carl.
  8. For anyone else looking to solve this, I found that Marine Boat LED Dome Light Stainless Steel Inner Diameter: 3.6" Outer Diameter: 4.32 (Link below) fit over the old holes perfectly. I wanted something that was made for a boat so that it would not deteriorate as quickly as an RV light would. Current link https://www.amazon.com/gp/product/B00DDYQJDM/ref=ppx_yo_dt_b_asin_title_o04_s00?ie=UTF8&psc=1 If this is dead search for "Marine Boat LED Dome Light Stainless Steel" and just make sure the diameters are the same as above.
  9. Hello all, I have a 322 (the most awesome boat I have ever owned) that I am probably going to sell (need a bigger boat) and I am working to get the boat into tip-top shape! The two door handles that allow you to open the cabinet under the outside sink on the port side of the boat are an unusual size and so I need a source for handles that will fit. If anyone has a source or Monterey still has some I need a pair. Thank you, Carl
  10. I am starting to very seriously look at getting a watermaker for my boat. I have done the Bahamas, FL keys, lake Okeechobee and their locks, but it is time for something more challenging. I am going to take my boat to the Dry Tortugas and visit Fort Jefferson. If it were just me this would be a simple task of piloting my boat to Key West and heading West out into the Gulf but I have a wife and children and they need water (I would just drink beer and forgo the showers... Grin). Or to be a bit more blunt they need lots of water. So my question is this have you considered or bought a watermaker for your Monterey and if so which one did you get and why? I have looked at a number of both 120v option and 12 volt options and at the moment I am leaning towards the Katadyn PowerSurvivor 160E/12 V as it seems to have the least number of moving parts, I think I have figured out how to shoe horn it onto my boat, and it still produces ~ 7 gallons an hour while using only 18amps. What have you looked at or bought and why? ThanX!
  11. I have a 2005 322 that has the 20W halogen puck lights in the cabin. I have a total of 11 of the puck lights and beside that they eat 220 watts when you have them all turned on they get quite hot and heat up my cabin. So I went in search of LED replacements for them and found G4 9 LED bulbs that fit perfectly. They are not cheap ($16 a bulb/disk) but their output is very close to the halogen bulbs and they run much cooler! And best of all they eat 2.16 watts each for a total of 24 watts. In short I can run my lights for 9 hours for the same amount of juice that I used to burn for an hour. If you are interested here is a link to what I bought. And if you have replaced yours already I would be interested to know what you used. http://www.ledlight.com/g4-ultra-bright-9-smt-led-light-12-volt-ac-dc.aspx
  12. I close mine twice a year to test them and when I am cleaning the strainers out while on the water. Other than that mine are open 24/7 365. If your boat sits in the water like my old boat did then I would close them when I was not on the boat as that will reduce your chances of a hose coming lose and sinking your boat. But if your boat sits on a lift or in a storage facility then you might as well leave them open.
  13. I have the navman fuel 3100 (is not made any more) that I love. ?It allows me to understand exactly how much fuel I am burning with any change I make. This has allowed me to run my engines at their best performance with the least amount of load. It also has made it so that I can take long trips I might also never imagine otherwise because I know exactly how much fuel I burn. A fuel burn meter is well worth the money!
  14. ThanX! Now I just have to get back out on the water!
  15. Old post (hope I am in time) but I have to agree with hallmark. The Keys are a great place to boat with just about any sized boat. If the winds are from the East you stay on the West side and if the winds are from the West say on the East side of the island chain. The run from Miami down to Key West is protected most of the way and is absolutely beautiful. Stay in the channel, make sure you have a chart plotter with current charts and just enjoy your selves. There are literally thousands of places you can snorkel in 20 to 3 feet ow water all up and down the Keys. Islamorada is one of the better keys if you do not want to stay in Key West. Many of the hotels have private docks and there is great snorkeling very close and one great sandbar on the Atlantic side for partying. Miami is also not a bad spot but the traffic can be very bad and the theft can be a big concern. If you do Miami stay on Key Biscayne as it has most of the great stuff about Miami and much less of the issues. There is also a good marina right before you get into Key Biscayne and some great hotels in the island. There is great boating to the south of the key and an excellent beach! If you are concerned about the salt water thing then do lake Okeechobee and plan to use the locks to go to the west coast one day and stay in Stewart for the evening in a hotel on the water. The locks are very cool and that will give you a little salt water experience. I should warn you that the accommodations on the Lake are somewhat rustic... Grin. Of course swimming with alligators turns some people off but hey they did not eat me the last time I went through the area.
  16. Hello, I have a 322 with two Volvo 5.7 Gxi motors. My port motor develops a high pitch whine in the fuel pump assembly after it has been running for about 20 minutes. Has anyone heard this same noise and is it signaling my pump is about to go out?
  17. Is an interesting thread. There are all sorts of reasons to want a proper marine generator on your boat many of them having to do with safety. I do run across a few people with a generator on their swim platform and as a general rule I move away from them because of the noise. If you can fit the Westerbeke I see no reason not to do it. As a few others have posted the install has some complexities but it is not rocket science as I installed a Kohler in my old boat. Just remember that the unit will need to be serviced so make sure your installer keeps that in mind. You may want to put an equal amount of weight in your boat in the spot you are thinking of for the genset to make sure it does not tip your boat to one side. You will also need another battery so figure out where you plan on putting that. If you do not already have a working CO2 detector in your boat please go out and get one now! Your safety is the most important thing there is.
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