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  1. Hi all, New to this forum and new to my Monterey, so please excuse stupid questions. I have a 1996 Monterey 296 in pretty good condition for the year. I took it out last week and the stereo died after operating the whole day. Just stopped drawing power. Nothing excessive was going on. I want to check the fuse in the first instance. Can you tell me where the fuse box would be on this thing? I have the reset buttons on the dash, so I assume the glass fuses will be under there. I can't think of any other reason why the stereo would just die. Also, the switch that turns on the Navigation and anchor light (2 way rocker switch) works fine when I push it to the right for the anchor light, but doesn't work to the left when I try to turn on the nav lights. Would this be connected to the stereo in some way? I'm thinking the accessory fuse may be blown and this may sit on the same circuit. I'm not entirely sure if they ever worked, as I've just taken ownership of the boat. Any help would be much appreciated. Just wanted to take a run at it myself before calling in the mechanic. Thanks! Jay.
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