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  1. Hi, You probably have the windlass breaker fuse panel in the same compartment as the battery switch are located as I do on the 298 SC. /Persk
  2. Hi, I also would like to replace that hinge, did you find a source for it?
  3. Hi, Where is the water tank located and where can I get access to it?
  4. Swest, I would love if you could post a schematic of your set up. How many amps of the Group 27? How do you turn off the starting batt's?
  5. Hi, So you have a total of five batteries now, or do you still have the original set up with three? How is your set up? Would love to have three household batteries and one for starting battery. Regards Persk
  6. Hi, I´m thinking of adding 1 or 2 house batteries but want to have them separated to the starting battery. How do I do? /Persk
  7. Or the 3rd I have a 298 SC 2004.
  8. OK, looks like i´ve understood it correctly then:) However, I did find the parallel switch in On position once, asked my wife if she had been touching any of the battery switches but No...our kids (two boys 8 & 10) did of course both also denied... Could something have been damaged during leaving the parallel switch in On position for a couple of hours? /Persk
  9. Hi, I have two questions regarding how my panel and switches work and how to use them. My battery switch panel looks like attached pic. As I see it the switches is in correct position when I´m using my batteries 12 volt power or whether i´m hooked up on shore power? Turning the middle switch (Parallel) in On position should only be used when the batteries power is so low that I can´t start the engines as an emergency start? Thanks for sharing your knowledge! /Persk
  10. I have a 2004 298 SC with the same setup and I will reroute it to drain over board.
  11. Hi, Anyone that can explain the difference between the 298 SC vs the 318 SC. Seems to me that it is the same boat? My Best Rgds Persk
  12. Hi, I´m new to this forum and i am considering buying one of these models. Can anyone please update me what the real difference is between them i would be very happy. My regards Persk
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