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  1. Greetings, I have a 2008 180 FS, owned since new. The ignition fuse keeps blowing after shifting into forward. I have checked for any bare or loose wires shorting it out and have found none thus far. The boat has a 3.0 Volvo Penta I/O. Any assistance would be appreciated.
  2. My new 180 FS depicts having a cooler in the from of the bow, it however is not lined and open to the hull and leaks out quickly. Is there a plastic liner that fits in this area to make a real cooler? Thanks, Jake
  3. I live in Central Florida and love the Chain of Lakes In Winter Haven. Lot's a places to eat and you can catch a water ski show or fireworks @ Cypress Gardens. There are about 10 lakes connected by canals. I just spent the weekend on the ICW from St. Petersburg to Sarasota. Lots of great beaches to stop and cool off, dining and wild (waterlife). On the way to Sarasota on Long Boat Key, there is a great sand bar and a "lazy river" The current takes you out to a beach on the Gulf of Mexico. Great tubing. I have lo's of other favorites if any one wants to know. Jake
  4. Seamoose, I took my new 180FS out on it's maiden voyage on Saturday and it happened to mine 3 times. All I can think of is when it cavatated taking sharp turns that was the issue. Mine is brand new and I would like to know why it happened as well. Thanks for any assist, Jake
  5. Greetings and new to the forum and new owner of a 08' 180 FS. Is there any Monterey Boat Owner events in the Florida area? So far it appears to be a Lone Wolf community. Thanks to any postings or info, Jake
  6. I just bought a 180FS and named it "Recession proof".
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