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  1. For what it is worth, it was the low pressure pump which was what i was hoping to avoid as they just raised the price from around $500 to $800.00. runs great now. thanks for those who responded.
  2. Boating Boy and Ian, thanks for the suggestions and I will try both and will update this thread once i do. thanks again and safe and happy boating.
  3. Thanks for input, but i did change the fuel filter. also i noticed that when i took the gas cap off, there was a tremendous amount of pressure in the tank. so then i started thinking that my gas tank vent was cloged up. i ran the boat at my dock with the gas cap off and when it got up to normal temp it still made the loud squeal sound. any other suggestions.
  4. I have a 2004 265 with a 5.7 Volvo GXi and all of a sudden this high pitched squeal or whistle started coming from an area in front of the motor. i had my mechanic come out and he told me that he was certain it was the high pressure fuel pump and volvo also recommended that he replace the anti-syphon valve. he did all of this and it the noise comes back when it reaches operating temp. any ideas as to the possible problem? thanks for any and all input. David
  5. I need to remove the lounge cushions and the rear back rest cushon on my 04 265 Cruiser. i have part of the lounge loose and it appears to slide into place but the end nearest the sink is giving me some trouble. I do not want to force anything and just need some direction on where teh screws or bolts are that hold it in place. Any help would be greatly appreciated.
  6. Thanks Ian. I will investigate further
  7. Does the seawater pump for the vector air conditioner system have an impellar? it is pumping water but barely
  8. I have a 2004 265 CR and the only a minimal amount of water is being dischaged. Does the seawater pump have a impellar similar to the one in the Kohler gen set? I have checked the strainer and everything is clear. not cooling properly as not enough water is being pumped through. any advice most appreciated
  9. I too have a 2004 265 and my microwave would not power up at all. I did everything you did and never did get it out and fortunately for some strange reason it just started working so I did not have to remove it. let me know when and if you ever figure it out. Thanks and good luck
  10. I have tried to post this question twice before over the last 2 to 3 weeks but for some reason, my post never shows up. I wanted to to see if anyone or perhaps MOST could tell me how to gain access to the fuel pick up line on my 2004 265 CR. if there is something wrong with my post, please advise. thanks
  11. DWE


    I have the same set up and mount but i have it coming out where night moves has his VHF radio mic hung. works great there.
  12. Russ, i have the same boat and being 5'9" i have even a greater problem. This seat is a slider and sits on rails that are through bolted to the fiberglass box. I removed the seat and rails and placed the rails atop two 3" sqare aluminum sections and then got longer stainless bolts and to accomodate the extra 3" of the square tubing. this raised the seat up 3" but it still in not enough for me, but may be for you. To go any higher will effect the rear facing part of the seat. This 3" height change still effects the use of the table but very little. no one has ever mentioned or even noticed the change. This is the worst part about this boat's design and I will probably end up taking the entire seat off and putting on a wide seat facing forward with a dbl pedastal. then you lose theseat to the rear unless you have a smaller one custom made. Of cours no more slider but i could care less about the slider anyway. hope his gives you some ideas. Please let me know what you end up doing. thanks, David
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