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Black tank and fresh tank cleaning

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Hello all,


This year we purchased a used 2006 248LS. So far we love the boat. I have a travel trailer so I am familiar with black tanks but never owned a boat with a head. We have been putting the chemicals down each weekend we use it. My issue is regardless of the chemicals it is really starting to stink when we flush. The lake we boat has a few marinas with pump out stations but I almost feel like it needs to be cleaned out. How would I go about doing this? What do you all do to keep your head from smelling? Also, I feel like the fresh water tank needs flushing as the fresh water has a stink to it. In the camper I would just have a valve to easily drain the tanks but I can't imagine sitting there pumping over and over while we are getting the tanks emptied. Any tricks? Thanks for the help!

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Hello kfp673,


The raw water from your lake has bacteria that love your waste tank. With summertime temperatures, the more the tank sits with waste in it, the more it will smell. Pumping it out after your weekend would help.


For cleaning the head waste tank, pump it completely out at the pumping station- put the sanitizing chemical directly into the waste tank through the pump out fitting- pump the head a few times adding a little bit of the raw water into the tank and let it sit for a bit or if you can, take the boat for a ride and allow it to "slosh" around in the tank. Then pump that completely out and add the chemical once again directly into the waste tank. It is good preventative maintenance to do this at the end of boating season and at the beginning of boating season.


Clean the head thoroughly using a very, very mild bleach solution.


For the fresh water tank, you can drain it by running the sink and the transom shower (it is a 14 gallon capacity)until it is completely empty. Add a couple of gallons of 50% vinegar/50% water solution into the freshwater tank. Allow it to sit for at least an hour (or take the boat for a ride and let it slosh around too!) then drain that out using the sink and transom shower- that will help to clean your water lines as well. Re-fill the tank with fresh water.


Make certain that the hose you use to fill the freshwater tank is for potable water and not a regular garden hose.

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