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Crossing Tides

1999 262 CR Windlass

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Greetings all,


I am just getting started in my second season with my 1999 262 and have decided I need a windlass to aid in solo fishing ops. I hit google and saw some discussion but nothing specific about any windlass other than a lewmar 700. What other units have you other 262 owners installed? The shelf seems to have plenty of space form a length and width standpoint, I am concerned about the depth, It is just 6" to the underside on my anchor locker door and that is about the height of most of the available units I am looking at (lewmar 550, Powerwinch 450, marpac)


Thanks in advance for your time


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Joe - I contacted the dealer and they recommeded the lewmar 550 (the 500 was not powerful enough). I installed it myself. Thankfully the boat was prewired! I can send photos if you want.


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I just installed a lewmar 700 in my 250CR and it has lots of clearence under the locker door. I found that to remove the board to get to the anchor locker you had to remove the screws from behind the mirror as they went into a board in the locker. when I removed the board there was very little space to get to the locker so I had to do every thing from the front of the boat and work from the top of the anchor locker in under the mounting shelf. We have been out every weekend since I installed it and it holds very well no problems with it. If you would like to see pics. I have them but can not load them on to the form so I would e-mail them to you if you would like.

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Thanks for the feedback, I emailed a forum member who was talking about it in another thread and he indicated he got at the wires from the locker.


I am going to recap my install here for reference:


After closer inspection and some reaching and feeling I found the wires up front zip tied to the horn bracket up under the starboard side of the anchor locker. Thanks Monterey for prewiring this boat! Just enough slack to get at them and wire up the lewmar.


I went with a pro sport 550. I had plenty of room on the shelf to mount it and keep it towards the back. Found the other end of the windlass wires at helm tied and hung just above and fore of the access panel in the mid-berth. Mounted breaker and control on removable panel on helm. Had 1 issue with the panel being too thick for the switch to mount through the hole. I milled it out on a small drill press in 3 passes and created a recess 1/4 inch or so (pic included)


Here are some pics so far, I am finishing it up tomorrow and will update.







Locker with unit installed




Milling panel so switch would fit



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Joe - I did all the work from the locker on the bow, under the gages on the helm (which I also replaced), and in the engine compartment. I had to reach down to find the wires (tucked back on the starboard side) but accessible. NOTE - I did not properly secure the 8 gage wire to the windless 12 gage wire so I need to redo. I also removed the rope and marked it evey 25 feet with yellow paint. I mounted the switch on the helm but I havethe breaker in the engine compartment.

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Hi everyone. I'm a little late to the party but I wanted to say nice job to everyone on their windlass projects. Here are the pics of my Lewmar Horizon 500 windlass job I did several years ago on our 262CR.



The Windlass deck before



This is the bulkhead between the anchor locker and the cabin



I chose to cut the bulkhead for easier accessibility. When complete, I mounted a dual direction solenoid on the other side of the bulkhead, below the cutout. This allowed me to wire two switches to control the windlass, one at the helm and one near the windlass.



I mounted the breaker near the battery switch



Here is the switch at the helm



The helm



Voila! If you look close, you can see the secondary switch in the lower left-hand corner of the pic.

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