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  1. Same here. In fact I recently installed a winless and after boating I flush the locker (rode) with fresh water. I don't recall even having a flap (I don't think I do), but to be honest I don't think removing it would be an issue. Better question for MOST.
  2. Joe - I did all the work from the locker on the bow, under the gages on the helm (which I also replaced), and in the engine compartment. I had to reach down to find the wires (tucked back on the starboard side) but accessible. NOTE - I did not properly secure the 8 gage wire to the windless 12 gage wire so I need to redo. I also removed the rope and marked it evey 25 feet with yellow paint. I mounted the switch on the helm but I havethe breaker in the engine compartment.
  3. Joe - I contacted the dealer and they recommeded the lewmar 550 (the 500 was not powerful enough). I installed it myself. Thankfully the boat was prewired! I can send photos if you want. Erik
  4. Welcome, This forum, as you know, is outstanding. Congratulations on your purchase! We also own a 262 and love it. Let me know if you ever have questions. Erik
  5. Congrats DC Dave, welcome to the Monterey club!
  6. erik

    Prop pitch

    Hi, We own a 2002 26' Montery 262. I just replaced the original MERC 5.7L with a MERC 383 stroker and I had the same concern about prop and pitch. Since there are so many considerations it is hard to say the C21 is the right one for you and your boat. Fortunately there are several web based programs to guide you to which is best for you and your boat but the one I found most helpful was: www.mercurymarine.com/propellers/prop-selector/ What I liked about this web site is they ask several questions about your boat (size, weight, engine) and what you desire (speed, performance, fuel economy). Then they will recommend a prop for your specific boat and needs. I think there are only four steps and it takes less than 2 minutes as long as you have the information. Erik
  7. Dave, I have a 2002, 262. I called Monterey for the make and model for a Windless, they advised me to purchase a Lewmar 600 because the 500 was underpowered. Well, Lewmar does not make a 600 but they do have a 550 pro sport, which I purchased. The great news is, all the wiring is there (including the relay)! I was dreding the job until I found the wires. Note that you will need to go online for the "other/older" Lewmar spec install for the toggle switch. The only thing I can think of ref your lack of windless is: it was either removed (check to see if you have any holes where the actual windless would sit in the locker) or the dealer did not install. Thankfully Monterey did the wiring - like the posts mention above I AM greatful they did.
  8. Dave, We own a 2002 262 and absolutely love it. We purchased it in 2003. She looks as good today as she did when we purchased her, but that goes with hand in hand with detailed cleaning after each use. Originally purchased in Jacksonville, we cruzed the St. Johns and the ICWW doing exactly what you described above. We've slept 6 (two small kids at the time) but it was cramped. Another advantage is the easy to trailer and tow. Big enough to enjoy yet small enough to take anywhere without a permit or significat effort. Ours came with a 5.7 MERC and I personally think it was underpowered (just under 300 hp). The original engine was repaced this past Jan with a MERC 383 stroker (350 hp). NOTE - I maintained the original Bravo 3 outdrive wiht original props. The extra 50 hp gave me a significant increase in performance. With 6 adults and a full bag of gas I was on plane in 10 second with a top speed of 51 (yes that is correct - 51MPH!). I was barely able to get her to 40 before. Alone I averaged 5 seconds to get on plane. The increased performance is simply amazing. The 7.4 will give you the performace you need - no question. However, make sure you have a compression test done and a seatrial BEFORE you purchase. On a side note, I was pleased to find she was also prewired for a windless which I just installed. Overall, a great boat at a great price. We love our Monterey. I'd be happy to answer any additional questions. v/r Erik Tampa,FL
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  10. I'm considering replacing the original gauge's on my 2002 262CR with an aftermarket fara monterey gauge set. Will I need to replace the wiring harness as well?
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    Perfect, thanks
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    Need assistance please. Last weekend the starter switch on the dash malfunctioned and caused my starter to remain engaged. I believe (will confirm this weekend) that I need to replace the dash starter switch and the starter. I have the 5.7 merccruiser engine. Can you point me in the right direction for replacement parts? I'm in Tampa. Thank you Erik
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