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My Monterey

Monterey 322 CR 2004-2006

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I currently have a 2002 282CR, we are interested to upgrade to a 322CR, hopefully a 2004,2005 or 2006.


I an looking to get exact information on the overall length.

1. what the registration length is, ( need this to insure I can be under our Dock length requirement.

3. what is the true length swim platform to the tip of the bow included.


how can I get a product brochure from these years to review.

also what is the recommended engine combo's

Merc, Volvo what is the recommended HP required for a Duo Prop / Bravo 3.


will a Merc 5.00 MPI be enough HP's, or do I look for a Boat with bigger engine like Mag 350's

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Our 1998 322 is just shy of 36' overall, including the bow pulpit and swim platform. It has Bravo 3 drives with twin Merc EFI 5.7s. I would not want any less power than that. Top speed is about 42MPH. I would go for 350 MAGs.

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The exact information on LOA is in the manual . You can download that on this site. {url=http://forums.montereyboats.com/index.php?showtopic=83] Here [/url}

The manual for your 282CR is the exact same manual for the 322CR. It covers 250CR,270CR,282CR,302CR and 322CR.

The LOA (same as "true length") for the 322CR is 34'2" and can be found on page M-3. Page M-1 shows how LOA is measured.


Highly unlikely you can still get a product brochure. I have one from 2005 for our 282CR we owned. The brochure is of little practical use. All it contains is factory

pictures of all the cruiser models Monterey made that year, and brief specs that can be found in more detail in the owners manual above. There is no one factory

brochure just for the 322CR.


The recommended engine combo is what ever you prefer. Always bigger is better. The 5.oL will be adequate, but the 5.7L would be preferred.

There is no recommend HP for the BIII or VP/DP, just not to exceed 400HP per engine.

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this list the LOA with swim platform as 34 - 2,

LOA not including swim platform is left blank.


This boat has a bolt on swim platform, which would not be included in the LOA on the official registration.

in order the keep my current slip, the registration length has too be 33 feet or less.

my swim platform is 2 feet, all the cruisers, have a similar swim platform, so I would think the real length is around 32 feet.

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I found a 2005 322,

Volvo engines 5.7 OSi with Ocean X DP drives.


I have seen info that these drives had many problems and some were replaced.


what is the experience of Monterey with this engine.drive combo on the 322.


any info on cruise, top end and fuel usage with this motor/drive?

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Your description is somewhat confusing.


Volvo made the dreaded XDP drives. They are not worth even discussing. Walk away from any boat that has them.


Volvo replaced the XDP drives with the Ocean X drives. Those are fine, but did not exist in 2005 when the boat you are looking at was made.

So if you meant the boat has Ocean X Dual Prop drives, you should be fine, if everything checks out after a full mechanical and structural survey on the boat is done.

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