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My Monterey

LED Underwater Lighting?

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I ended up sending the original ones back and bought the ones from Oznium (these turn on only when the power is 'on' ). Thanks Dan!


Also, ended up installing blue leds under the air ducts... after seeing what you guys did, the itch just didn't stop... :) ) Can't wait to go boating at night now...


Just noticed that you asked me a couple of questions.....looks like you got your answer's. Sorry about that, I had not checked this thread in a while.

I'm sure it'll look good at night. Show some pics when you get a chance.

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Dan, no worries mate!


So, today I was at the marina talking about the blue leds... when someone mentioned it's illegal to have blue leds above the water line (apparently underwater blue leds are fine)... has anyone heard of this (apprently only cops are allowed to have this)? I tried my trusty old google friend, but couldn't find anything specific... (I also wondered what the impact would be for guys with red leds above the waterline... considering the Fire Department uses that color)...

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