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If you ask a question and someone gives you a reply as to your problem, how about being so kind is to report back if your problem was solved or the info you received helped or not. There are so many that come here, ask a question, received an answer but you never hear from the question asker again.

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I agree with the premise and have done so myself while on other boating forums. I suspect part of the problem is a lack of notice that someone has replied to a post, coupled to an apparent lack of responses to a posters question. If nobody responds until a couple weeks or more, the poster probably has moved on to another forum which may be more popularly used. I know I became frustrated when my initial questions didn't even appear on here for several days. Not sure if it was a COVID related problem due to owner approval process or what. I have noticed a lot of Monterey boat owners expressing frustration on other media forums about the lack of timely posting and responses here. As we just bought our Monterey after the Covid issue started I'm chalking it up to that, but time will tell. I started a post yesterday so we will see how long it takes to get feedback, and if I do weather I get an alert (txt or email) to indicate the response is there so I can provide feedback. Hoping this is as productive a forum as others I utilize.

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