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  1. Call your dealer, or make a phone call to Monterey customer support. I have the 278, and the arch folds... I thought it also did on the 295. But, if not, the swap wont be easy, or inexpensive.
  2. I have a 278SS and the chain seems to be 35 feet long. I measured by my stride, so its approximate.
  3. Yes, I had one custom made, and love it. I fold the tower, and pull the cover over the entire boat. It pulls down below the rub rail, and the ratchet straps are tightened at the rear by the swim platform. Works very well, and keeps the sun off all upward-facing surfaces. Here's a pic in the driveway, but to be clear, I keep the boat in the water, and I have no problems putting this cover on in the slip.
  4. Are you certain that the senders are working correctly? It may not be a gauge problem.
  5. Check that the wires on the back of the Aux input are connected to the stereo system input.
  6. The manual for your engine should tell you the WOT RPM range. You should prop the boat to be somewhere in that range at WOT. A prop specialist should be able to help you, and may even be able to give you a few props to try for the performance you are seeking.
  7. I put the name on the sides of the boat. I got this from boatletteringtoyou.com. What's really cool is that I got the same image and name printed on some Koozies for the boat too!
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