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  1. I have a 25qt igloo marine cooler on my 2006 250CR. Go to www.igloocoolers.com they may have dimensions for you there.
  2. I use a Chevy Silverado 2500HD Crew Cab for towing. We trailer our boat from Orlando, Florida to Michigan and Canada every summer with no problems. It sucks gas as we get about 9 MPG when towing on the highway. We own a 2006 250CR. I figure full of gas and gear for the Canada trips plus the trailer we are at approx. 10,000 pounds. Maybe a little more as beer weighs alot. I would suggest disc breaks for the trailer, they really make a difference.
  3. I have a 250CR with the same appliances as stated above including AC/Heat. We use a Honda EU 2000 watt generater with no problem. We run refer, lights, tv, radio and battery charger at the same time. In the morning we can run the coffee pot and Microwave easily. It will also run our A/C buts runs out of gas during the night. It weighs 34 pounds, is very quiet and cost about $1000. Just be cautious of the wind and placement so you do not risk CO2 inhalation problems.
  4. Love the new site but where are the archives???
  5. Older member here and had to re-register as well. Would really like to have access to all of the previous posts from past years. They really have been helpful in the past.
  6. Russ, I have the same issue with my 250CR which has the same cockpit configuration as the 270. I have found that if you fold up the booster and place a fender on top it works great. Since it is soft and pliable it really is comfortable even in big water. Not exactly stylish but effective. Hope this helps. Ben
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