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  1. Your engine most likely is NMEA200 . But in 2007 some were, some weren't, so I can't help much there. For the prop wrench, you can make one for cheap. Get a piece of 2" steel pipe. 30 seconds with the angle grinder and a couple minutes with a dremel to make the ID a little larger and you will have the special tool! Just use a pipe wrench. All in all it cost me about $4 and maybe 15 minutes and worked great! Or get the VP wrench for $35 http://www.ebay.com/itm/Volvo-Penta-D-F-Duo-Prop-Wrench-/110981848116?pt=Boat_Parts_Accessories_Gear&vxp=mtr&hash=item19d7089c34
  2. I agree. I was missing the forum too. Glad the IT crew got the hacked forum software back up and running !!
  3. Our 204FS came with a 3 blade 21 pitch. It is perfect for us, as we do not ski or pull tubes. For your application, the 4 blade would be better, especially with a V6. If you went to stainless 4-blade, stick with the 20 pitch prop.
  4. Congrats. We have a 204 FS and love it. You will have alot of fun with your 194 FS.
  5. Glad you were able to figure it out. Enjoy your boat !!
  6. Local canvas shop is the best/cheapest way to get it done. Depending on the year, Tayormade(Ameritex) made the canvas and enclosure for the 282CR. At least they did on our 2005 282CR. You can try and call/e-mail Taylormade (Ameritex) and see if it is still available, but likely you will have to order it through a dealer, or have it made at a local canvas shop. http://www.taylormarine.com/canvas/supportsystems.html For More Info Please call 941-747-1900 info@ameritex-tech.com Good luck, and how do you like your 282CR ? What year is your's ?
  7. You will need a snap tool to install the snaps in the carpet. You can get one at West Marine. Or any Marine store . http://www.wholesalemarine.com/p/S-S-50048258/ For the male part of the snap, you just need to drill holes in the deck where you want snaps, and screw the snaps in. Make sure you seal each hole you drill with Mildew Resistant 3M silicone, or you could use 4200 I suppose. Male snaps can also be bought at West Marine or any marine store. Sailrite (link below) is a great source for all fasteners. http://www.sailrite.com/Snap-Fastener-Screw-Stud-3-8-Stainless-Steel-Key-SSE
  8. Likely it is 1.81. But anyway.... the first place to look is for the decal on the port side of the drive shaft housing. It will have a number like (1.81R) and then the serial #. The 2nd place to look is on the universal joint splined yoke. It will be identified with a letter. "D" is 1.81, "F" is 1.47, "C" is 1.62 Or you can just contact Mercruiser customer service with your drive serial number, and they will tell you what it is.
  9. Ameritek(Taylormade) did not make a full storage cover for any of our boats. Only the cockpit cover, bimini and camper canvas. The best full covers for winter and storage are made my Fisher. Contact them, they made a full cover for our 282CR. It was a perfect fit, and lasts many years. http://www.fishercanvas.com/
  10. Rip5

    monterey font

    Trace it, and give it to your name supplier. This seems like the quickest way to replicate the logo. At least it was for me on our last Monterey.....
  11. Drive ratio is printed on the drive. You just need to look for it.
  12. The 197 FS, 214SS and 234SS are now on the Monterey Boats website. No 288 SS yet. Check them out, VERY NICE !!!!
  13. Thanks for confirming that. You learn something new everyday. Over the last several years, date of introduction of new model year boats has changed, so I suspect your boat was in the middle of that change somehow, got the older dash and newer hull ID. Is your stereo an MB Quart ? And yes, it is a great boat. We had so much fun on our's this year, it's a shame our season is now over. Can't wait until next year !!
  14. Yep, the cupholder had to go. Here is an older 194FS and where the FF was mounted, similar to your install I suspect.
  15. Engine may very well be a 2011. But the HULL ID on the starboard rear of the transom is what you need to check to verify year of manufactuer for the boat. Engine year is irrelevant to the year the hull was made (model year). It will read similar to this: RGFMC215J011 if it is a 2011 and RGFMC215J010 if it is a 2010.You could order a 270 HP Volvo Penta 5.0L in the 194FS in 2010. So it is possible, just the link I provided was not intended to be an exact duplicate of the boat you have, merely illustrating that you DO NOT have the 2011 dash in your boat. It is a 2010 style. I would not put the fish finder on the port side of the console. Find a swivel mount and put it on the helm side of the boat, somewhere, anywhere. It will fit with the correct swivel mount.
  16. Previous owner's numbers sound correct. 3500 RPM is fine, no worries for cruise. FWIW, on an '03 322 with 2x5.7 ltr 280 hp volvos cruises at 3800 rpm..bout 35 mph.. burning 26 gph both motors per flo-scan..
  17. Taylor Made/Ameritek may have a template, you would have to ask them. Or just have a local canvas shop make you one. They will use the existing snap locations.
  18. What you see is correct. These gauges are pretty much plug and play if you replace with the same Faria gauge.
  19. Yes. Pre wired. But depending on what windlass you install, make sure the gauge wire installed will handle the load.
  20. Rip5


    290CR not generally considered a "trailer-boat" but can for sure be trailered with the proper permits. So, based on that, I would not think Monterey would have a particular trailer destined for a 290. Depending on where you live, there may be a trailer builder close to you, or a boat dealer that also sells boat trailers. Buying a new trailer, the builder will make it specifically for your boat. Even used ones can be adapted to fit your boat. Our 204 FS has an EZ-Loader trailer, and we really like how easy it pulls, and for launching and retreiving the boat.
  21. I'm not sure if your boat is a 204 FS. The pictue/website you linked says it's a 2011, but if you do a search for 2010 194FS, the stock photos for that boat are the exact same as the link you posted. If you look at your dash and mine, there is a distinct difference. In 2011, Monterey changed the designation from 194FS to 204FS. They did change the dash layout. Both boats are exactly the same size otherwise. You can verify the year of manufacture of your boat by the Hull ID numbers. Last two numbers should be 11. I suspect it says 10. If your boat is a 2011 204FS, it will also have the 25th anniversary plaquard on the port side transome just above the swim platform. 2011 was Monterey's anniversary of 25 years of building boats. There also was no 204FS model designation for 2010, only 194FS . But maybe your's was made late in the model year transition, and had the 2010 194FS dash installed, unlikely, but being overseas, I guess it may be possible. Either way, it's the same size as our 2011 FS and still a great sport boat. Here is a 2010 194FS, note dash design http://www.bighornwatersports.com/listing.php?num=401 Here is a 2011 204FS, note dash layout
  22. It won't hurt running at that RPM or even higher. You need to find the "sweet spot" for your boat where it runs most efficiently. Only trial and error will get you to that point. You should, for brief periods, run your boat at WOT, to make sure you are propped right and able to achieve your maximum recommended engine RPM.
  23. I just looked at your pictures, looks nice but has a different dash than our 2011 204FS. Looks like the dash from 2009 or 2010. Here is the 2011 204 FS dash on our boat.
  24. Welcome, and congrats on the new boat. It's a great size boat and handles light chop quite well. Not really a big water boat, but it should work for moderate fishing. I would mount the GPS on the right of the dash next to the gauges, between them and the windshield. Not positive if it will fit, depending on how tall the unit is. Being in salt water, make sure you flush the engine often, keep the bottom clean and scrubbed regularly, and it should last for years. We bought our 2011 204FS this past spring, and have had a great time on it all summer.
  25. Are your tabs fully deployed at that RPM and speed? They should not be if that is the case. It does seem a bit slow for those RPM. You can't reduce your RPM if that is all the speed you are getting, only can try and increase the speed at same RPM with tabs, trim, clean bottom of boat, less weight/fuel in the boat. Is your prop in good shape ?
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