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  1. Where did you get them??? I am in Oakville, where is your boat, Can I come and see how you did them???

  2. i just put the attwood blue underwater lights on our 2006 270cr, ive only seen them once in water and they looked great! we were at our marina in very murky water off of lake erie and it still extended well past the swimplatform. they were a breeze to install and you cant beat the price of the attwood lights. i cant wait to get into some clearer water to see how great they look.
  3. i have a 2006 270cr and we have the standard speaker option. i wanted to upgrade our speakers and put a subwoofer in, i think the kenwood upgrade option had an subwoofer, i was wondering where it was located? thanks for any help!
  4. how do you like the new 08 270CR? we have an 06 270CR! were at toledo beach on lake erie!
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