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  1. I've had my Black 2006 270CR for just over a year now and have done 40 hrs in it....LOVE it!! Cabin lay out is the best, we criuse, fish, camp and picnic great all-round Unfortunately I don't know anything about 265's though! Doesn't really help does it... Cheers Heath
  2. Hi Guy's I have a 2006 270CR which is equipped with a bow thruster, the australian agent /dealer fitted it as a dealer option when new. But, as with the original post, most of my boat use is solo or with my wife, 6 month old daughter and 3 year old son, none of whom help when docking, not yet anyway!! I keep my boat in a Sea Pen (made by Dock Pro here in Aus). I originally bought it so I would never have to anti-foul the hull and save on maintenance costs related to keeping it wet. Another advantage I immediately discovered was single handed docking, you simply drive into it and it grabs hold of you like a catchers mit! You then just step off and attache the ropes!! When docking with the sea pen I never need to use the bow thruster It has made or boating experience so easy and enjoyable, and I don't have to worry about bottom paint (anti-foul) Check Out the links below, there may be a similar product available in the USA. Otherwise I'm sure they'd get one over there some how.... Cheers Heath http://www.seapen.com.au/ http://www.dockpro.com.au/
  3. Thanks Allan, I'll Give them a go, Do you have any experience with any of these model makers? I don't know why it is, but occasionally, when I upload a photo to this forum it gets turned upside down, no matter what I do to the original! Cheers Heath
  4. Does Anyone know where to get a model of a Monterey boat? I have a 2006 270CR that I'd like to get a miniature model of. Does Monterey Sell any? Cheers Heath (PS Sorry the picture is upside down.....I guess we are "Down Under" after all!)
  5. Hi all, After much faffing around with this problem, it was a dead transducer. it seems during transport on the truck a support block was positioned under the transducer. Oddly enough the transducer wasn't built to hold the weight of the boat......... So in future if a technician says "just bin it" have another look, you might just find the problem with a bit of amateur troubleshooting. Cheers Heath
  6. Hi Guy's After much searching around in Oz I couldn't find the original equipment FIAMM horns here. I ended up purchasing them via mail order from Midway Auto Supplies in Dallas Texas. Worked beautifully! ordered over the internet and a week later the FedEx box was on my doorstep. Only wish I did it a bit earlier when the exchange rate was a bit more favorable Happy Days, everything on my boat works now...ready for summer! Cheers Heath
  7. Hi amp410, Yeah, i pulled them out. I've unfortunately got FIAMM horns AM-80S high and low trumpets. Can't find any here in Australia. Doesn't seem like anyone imports them here. Am now looking overseas (USA) but everyone wants to freight UPS at mega cost! I'd be happy with standard mail. Though I have found out that they are also fitted to some Mercedes Benz cars, but I don't think they'd be particularly cheap from a merc dealer either! I'll keep hunting Cheers
  8. Hi Bob & 180FS in Nashville, I am searching for the same 2 horns and screen for my 270CR, I pulled mine out a couple of days ago too. Same part number, They are proving very hard to locate here in Australia. I contacted FIAMM in Italy who put me onto a local distributer but they're not much help. I'll try the links you supplied, 180FS in your post, and see if they can supply internationally. Otherwise maybe Monterey might be able to supply them through their international dealer network?? Cheers Heath
  9. Thanks Guy's I'll take it out and have a look. If it is this part that is unserviceable, do you know where I'd get a new one? Spring has just sprung down here in Oz, Like everyone else I'm I'm trying to get the boat in order for a long hot summer, our first with the Monterey. Can't wait!! Cheers Heath
  10. Hi All My Navman 8084 is playing up. The Sonar/Fish Finder/Depth sounder doesn't seem to be working properly. The colours look to be inverted, the depth indication is intermittent and unreliable and it doesn't map the bottom at all. I haven't had the boat for very long and have never seen it working. The boat isn't antifowled so the transducer hasn't been painted over. I understand that this is a much maligned unit most of my enquiries with technicians have resulted in "its not worth repairing, just replace it!" The GPS/plotter and the engine interface work really well so I don't want to simply bin it! Any advice or words of wisdom would be appreciated (except for "just bin it!") There is a photo of the screen in action if any one is interested. Cheers H
  11. Hi All, I've had my 2006 270CR for a couple of months now and can't identify what is behind the small oval shaped grille on the right hand side of the bow just infront of the forward cleat. The horn on the boat doesn't work, is this where the noise maker for the horn lives? I've attached a photo if the item in question, any help would be great. Cheers HGrille.pdf
  12. Hi Mate, I your boat is Volvo 5.7GXI-G equipped like mine, the filler is at the bottom on the front port side of the engine. I've attached the page from the operators manual for reference, its item 13. These manuals are available from the Volvo Penta website if you want one. Just enter the engine type and serial number and it'll take you right to it. If your powered by something else.....I've got no idea where it it is! Cheers H 5.7GXI-G Front view.pdf
  13. Hi All, I've just purchased a black 2006 270CR with 80 hours on the clock, I wasn't able to find many reviews on the type when I was looking around. The link below was what one Aussie reviewer thought of it and the only one I could find at the time. does any one know of, or have any other professional reviews? http://www.boatpoint.com.au/reviews/2005/sports-cruiser/monterey/monterey-270-8692 Cheers Heath
  14. Ahh.....There we go, looks like it's worked this time..
  15. Hi Guy's, I just picked up this 2006 Monterey 270CR. It's my first boat and the middle of winter down here in Oz so, can't wait for spring too!! Have to thank the previous owner for taking such good care of it for me. Cheers
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