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  1. Dry weight = everything that is attached to the boat except liquids and your gear.
  2. I pick up my 322 / 2001 model back on 2001 and I never had an Issue and i have had more than 9 persons on board. Thank you
  3. Try west marine, Wholesale marine on the web
  4. I just purchased all 5 port windows screens for my 322 from Bomar- tel-603-826-5791. good price... $8.80 each plus shipping. good luck
  5. One item some people forget is to inspect their risers fo corrosion.
  6. On the engine that has the high pitch touch the hight pressure side and if its getting hot the pump is defective. I have a 322 2001 and one of my engines developed the same issue and the pump got hot after 20 minutes running and it had a pitch. I was going to just replaced the high side but was adviced to replace the complete unit. 90 percent of the owners tha just replace the high side develop the same issue due to the low pressure side being contaminated and if this happens you will be spending $150.00 to 250.00 the first time for the high pressure side and then you will need to replace the complete pump adding another 700.00 to 900 dollars to the cost. Just replace the complete pump the first time and save yourself the 150.00 to 250.00. Most suppliers or mechanics will sell you the complete pump for between 850.00 to 950.00 dollars plus installation. I bought mine from this outfit for 720.00 plus free shipping and its very easy to install. Talk to them good luck--Thank you, Evan Olson Marine Parts Express www.marinepartsexpress.com Toll Free: (877) 621-2628 International: (207) 882-6165 Ext. 700 Fax (207) 882-9865 Our blog: http://marinepartsexpress.wordpress.com/
  7. I have a 2001 322 and I keep It up on a rack Plug in and the batteries charging. I noticed that it was not making ice but it was getting cold so I turned it off the ice maker for a day or so then turned it back on and when I left the boat I made sure the water pump was on so the freezer could get water , that took care of the Isssue. Hope you issue with the ice maker is that easy. Good luck
  8. I had the same problem with the large hatch on my 322, I used 5200 and some bluepainters tape and I left the hatch alone for 10 days. Its been a few months and all 3 handles are doing well. Good luck
  9. I would have the carb rebuilt a lot less costly than retrofitting the engine with fuel injection.Good luck
  10. Yo . I have a 2001 322 and there was an issue with the vacuum pump. Well the small closet to the left will have to be move forward before you will be able to remove the wall and yes its a lot of work. I spent about 8 hours between removing the closet the curteain for the small window and the rods for the curtains when you first access that cabin. I will say be very careful NOT to place anything on top of the gass tank , you do not want to drop anything behind the tank because if you do it can punncture the tank when you are on the water with the movement of the boat. I placed one of the footings for the pump on top of the tank and it rolled behind the tank and it took me a long time before I was able to fish it out, no fun and that why I say do not place anything on top of the tank that can get away from you and go behind the tank. Good luck
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