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  1. Our Bayliner 325 cruises best at 3600 RPM and it's 23 or 24 knots. Engines are 250 HP 350 smallblocks with 2 barrel carbs. Griff
  2. Hi JK: Are you installing your own lift? We have a Deco 20K 6 piling lift for our boat. The construction company set the bunks up for us and they were not spread apart very far. Have had the boat and lift 5 years now with no problems. Griff
  3. Hi Joe: Our boat has a pair of 250HP 2 barrel carb 350's and is bone stock. Both engines show 175 degrees of temp When at the 3500 to 3600 RPM cruise speed. Griff
  4. Monterey Joe: West marine and mostly all the other supply outfits carry those filters. We have the origional one on our boat and it's over 4 years old now. Seems to still work ok. It's spliced into the waste tank vent line. Good luck! Griff
  5. Peterr: The Vacuflush paperwork does not mention the vent filter. It could be a dealer installed item or installed at the factory. It could be that someone forgot to install it in the vent hose. Our boat has the same one that was new 4 years ago and it seems to be operating odor free. I suggest that the vacuflush system be well flushed. I have added bleach to water and filled the waste tank 1/4 full, then taken a boat ride to shake things up a bit, then sucked-out the tank at the marina. Good luck! Griff
  6. We are on the Intracoastal at Saint Pete Beach. Any Tampa Bay boaters out there? Our dealer is Thunder Marine in Saint Petersburgh. Griff
  7. Hi BayBreeze: Just check your genset paperwork or google Kohler. Ask for the paperwork, if you do not have it with the boat. Kohler lists all of the service parts. We have found that the gen set impeller can easily fail and always have an extra impeller on board. They are easy to replace. Good luck. Griff
  8. Hi Revenge: We have a 2007 Bayliner 325 with base 250 HP 2 barrel 350 small blocks and Bravo II. The boat weighs 12K dry and is 35 feet long. Our cruise is at 3500 to 3600 RPM and we use about 20 to 22 gallons per hour at that rate. We can cruise at 3000 RPM, but the boat is much happier at 3600 RPM. Your results may be similar to ours. Good luck! Griff
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