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  1. EuroYachting did the suggestion from Jakedace work for you? I have the same issue.
  2. I had a similar issue and the mechanic I used charged me several a lot to not fix the ultimate issue which was.....drum roll please.... a new venting gas cap for $45. Apparently, my replacement gas cap was not a venting model and therefore air could not get into the fuel tank to replace the burned fuel causing a suction effect until the fuel could no longer flow to the engine. Choke, sputter, die, especially when hot. Hours of cool down would resolve the issue, for a while. Kudos to the Boat US captain in the Cape Coral area for the free tip while towing my boat back to said mechanic.
  3. I have a 2001 240ES and had a similar problem that turned out to be from low gear lube oil (different from the motor oil) see pics. Hope this helps you.
  4. Hi, First time posting and I'm looking for a little propeller advice. So I have a year 2000 240 Explorer Sport in fantastic condition that I purchased in July 2013. I think i need new prop??. My engine is a Merc 5.7l with AlphaOne drive. ~300 hours on engine. Guessing 260-280 HP on that. Here's what I know.... My WOT is only 3680 rpm on smooth water trimmed well and the recommended range is 4400-4800 rpm and at my WOT I'm only getting 30-32 mph. Granted that is with a "loaded boat" so dry weight 4200 + fuel + gear + 2 people = ~5000#. I currently have a 3 blade aluminum prop with 19 pitch which is a little scratched (no dents) but not bad. Questions: 1) should I be getting more RPM's out of my boat? I'm 700 rpm below the low end of the range. 2) should I expect more speed ? or is 32mph under conditions above about as good as I can expect? 3) should I expect better performance from another prop? 4) If so, any recommendations on prop size/pitch/blades? Thanks in advance! Jay
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