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  1. I have a 1998 Monterey 296 over here in Australia and would like to add a side cushion/ backrest to the port side forward lounge seat. My upholsterer wants to match the cream faux leather fabric exactly. Can anyone advise the manufacturer/ style of the fabric.
  2. Did you get to the download?

    Nice to have but doesn't really tell me much I didn't already know.

  3. Did you get the download of My Monterey? Nice to have it but doesn't really tell me much. What do you think?

  4. Aussie Monty owners are a rarity. My boat, Hakuna Matata, a 1998 296SC berthed in Perth.

    Where are you?

  5. Great to see another Aussie with a Monty. We thought we were about the only one! We're over here in Perth with a 1998 296SC - kinda like the ancestor to your 295. We privately imported her about four years back. She's been quite temperamental up to now (touch wood quick!) whilst we've gradually worked out how to keep her properly maintain her. It's been quite a learning curve - very enjoyable but punctuated by some character building breakdowns. Have a look at the International Boating button on the Discussion Board and make a post to keep it live. Maybe if you're in WA we could catch up?
  6. Hey Jessie. I had a look and kind find it. Can you give me the path for the post plse.
  7. Hey Fuelish Pleasure Thanks for this. Do you think you would be able to scan your manual to a .pdf and issue this to MOST. Then he can post this on the site for anyone to access. This would be a truly community-benefitting thing to do as those of us who share the enjoyment of older Montereys have been unable to get hold of manuals. For me, mine's a 296 but shares many features with your 276 so it would definitely be a help to me.
  8. Hope you get aresult on this. I have a 1998 M296SC too - the only one in Australia I think. I've been looking for years. Since Monterey's factory fire in 2000 there seems to be little data and workshop info & manuals for our boat. If you get lucky, please let me know.
  9. are you the "Full Monty" 296 in New Zealand

  10. Hi there, Mine's a 296 from the same year. Don't see much regarding us older boats. Hour meters didn't come standard and are an aftermarket add-on. Mine are fitted under the enginebay doors. Good luck
  11. I had similar problem with my '98 296 which also has the 5.0 carburettor motor. Needed to turn up the idle a little to stop it stalling at low revs and when shifting from forward/reverse and vice versa. Also found that my earth strap wasn't too good and that at low revs there just wasn't enough power in the circuit to maintain the ignition.
  12. Our 1998 296SC goes by the name of Hakuna Matata. Ex of North Fort, Florida she now berths in Claremont Western Australia (see International Boating!!!) Lovers of the Lion King Disney movie will know Timon and Pumba's song 'Hakuna Matata' - it means no worries (in Swaheli) and although she was named by her previous owner in Florida, it's a very appropriate name for Australia - No worries mate.
  13. Over the years, numerous owners of older Monterey's have posted, calling for help with manuals. MOST has told us that because of the fire, these records were lost. So, with this wonderful new website how about taking up the challenge, Monterey? There's a number of 276 and 296 owners around the world with these lovely boats. Surely someone out there has a manual and would be prepared to scan it and upload it to Monterey so that they can post it on their site. Are you up to the challenge of pursuing this, Mr. Administrator. A positive outcome would be so welcome, particularly to those of us foreigners who adore your boats but are surrounded by dealers and tradespeople who are completely unfamiliar with the boat. Maintenance and repairs is very much a case of feeling your way!
  14. We love our Monterey 1998 296Sc. I think she's the only 296 in Australia, although I believe there may be a slightly newer boat across the Tasman in NZ. Our boat is called Hakuna Matata - Lovers of the kids movie the Lion King will know that this means "No Worries" and really fits the West Australian way of life. I've attached a photo of her last Summer, moored at our island paradise, Rottnest - 20miles offshore. Let's hear from some other Australian Montys.
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