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  1. I found this site... They are expensive, but I plan to order mine this weekend! http://www.ptmedge.com/bracket-selector/ Peter
  2. Scott, I suspect it's a little over one inch thick. I has a 264FS and bought a mirror from overton's but it won't fit. My taylormade windshield is about 1 1/4 thick, but it also has a rounded edge, which is another problem. I'm researching mirrors now and think I'm going to try another one, but am trying to make sure. I reached out to taylormade but they couldn't help. I'm waiting for a reply from the mirror company now. Peter
  3. I'd like to replace my anchor with a shiny stainless one and would like recommendations. I've seen several new designs rocna etc that all look interesting, but I also need to fit this into the 264 bow locker. And what about a second anchor for keeping the boat at anchor in a cove. Any recommendations? Thanks for the advice. PS lake is still frozen here in NJ 😒
  4. I still haven't named my boat, but after the recent Lake Hopatcong news, Anaconda seems appropriate!
  5. Just brought my new 264FS to prospect point marina. I'll be keeping her inside in the rack storage and looking forward to meeting any other Monterey owners! Boating is the Life!
  6. very nice.. I might try that myself.. Any idea how how many hours and $'s you spent?
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