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  1. I've seen many 12v coffee pots. None of them are really good.Some will do the job, but it will seem like lunchtime before they finish brewing....Tom
  2. While it may be too late for you this year, in the future put a zip tie through each set of wires while you are removing them It is very easy to forget where things go after a long winter.Tom
  3. That lock is a great thing to have as long as a thief doesn't have a small screwdriver! I don't keep valuables in there, but then again ,the lock to the cabin door would take a medium sized screwdriver to break into. I bring my gps and such home with me and leave the boat unlocked.the cost of fixing the break-in damage would be more than the value of what they could steal. Just my 2 cents! Tom
  4. Did you finish the windlass install? How did it come out? Tom
  5. Welcome aboard! What boat do you have? I own a 2003 245 cruiser. Tommy
  6. I see what you mean about the slight uphill journey of the rode. Mine is exactly the same. Mine works perfectly,I guess the weight of the tackle does all the work. I can send you pictures of mine if you like, send me an e-mail and I can forward them to you. I had mine installed when I ordered the boat, so I have no idea about the wiring issues. Good luck, Tom
  7. The shelf is the mounting spot for the windlass. I don't think removing any of it would be a good idea. If you mount the windlass just to the hatch cover, it will wind up at the bottom along with the anchor! Two hinges and the latch will not do the job. The Simpson mounted on the shelf on my 245 works perfectly. I like the fact that it is not sitting on top where it can be tripped over. Tom
  8. As EastCoastB said, the problem is the air coming out the vent as you displace that air with waste. The solution is to get a charcoal filter kit available at most boating stores and install it in the vent line between the tank and the thru hull fitting. They recommend changing the filter yearly, but most times they last two years. This is NOT a substitute for the holding tank treatment. Tom
  9. You might be right about a moisture issue,although I'm no expert. If you get a full boat cover I would leave the other covers off. If you buy a cover that is suitable for winter storage, you can kill two birds with one stone...... Tom
  10. When you open the engine hatch, your waste tank is on the left side.If you have a macerator,youi will see what looks like a pump and motor on the floor right alongside it, My boat was pre-wired for one and there is a coil of wires just tied together at that location. Tom
  11. The3 boat came with three keys,ignition,cabin door and the trunk in the back.The dealer should be able to help.... Tom
  12. I cant help you with a manual, but I bought my 2003 245 new. I have a merc,so I'm not sure about youre volvo, but I know the boat inside and out. If you have any questions, let me know. Tom
  13. Hi ! I bought my 245 cruiser new in 2003. (exact same boat, different name) After five seasons and about 180 hours, I have no real complaints. If you have any specific questions about the boat, let me know. I boat in the L.I. Sound. With two adults and two kids,sleeping does get somewhat cramped. But with just two ,it's not too bad. Tom
  14. Are we talking about an inflatable? If so there are a lot of options. Let me know the kind and size dink you have.
  15. I just sit on two type IV throwable cushions.It puts me at the proper height.If someone has a better idea, I'd love to hear it too! Tom
  16. Is this your first cruiser? A lot will depend on how you use your boat,and the size of your family. If you do daytrips with the occasional overnighter, that layout would probably work nicely for you. I Have a smaller (245) cruiser and stay out on it a lot, sometimes two weeks at a time. It can sure get played out real quick when you have to keep converting the dinette to a bed.My next boat will have a dedicated dinette. Tom
  17. The "older members" had to reregister to see the boards,so some of us are here. Most of these "The Moderator must read and /or censor the posts" forums don't do very well considering the trime is usually takes from sending till posting........Tom
  18. I am an"older member" from 2003. I could not log in , I had to reregister as a newbie, with my original name and password. . I would like to have seen the old topics transferred here......Tom
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